Incoming Exchange Student

Incoming Students

Students from our partner Institutions can participate in the Yuan Ze University Exchange Program for either 6 months or 1 year. Find more details below.

▊  Program Outline

Yuan Ze University has academic exchange agreements with many institutions all over the world. 
Yuan Ze University Student Exchange Program (inbound) invites exchange students from those institutions to the Yuan Ze University. Exchange students stay at the university for 6 months or 1 year, and study not only Mandarin language and culture, but also various academic fields.

Application periods for the above programs are October and November for Spring admission and March and April for Fall admission (application periods are subject to change). All application procedures are conducted through the international office of applicants’ home institutions. Students cannot apply for the programs individually. Please contact the international office of your home institution to apply.

▊  Application Timeline

2023/2024 Academic Year

Application BeginsNomination DeadlineApplication Deadline
Fall SemesterMarch 1March 31April 15
Spring SemesterSeptember 1October 30November 15

▊  Language Requirement

Applicants for College of Management650520190685.5
Applicants for College of Engineering, College of Informatics, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Electrical and Communication Engineering600500180645.0

*Chinese Taught Courses: Chinese proficiency test score above CEFR B1
*YZU requires a minimum of 2.8 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

▊  Application Documents

Before submitting your exchange application, you should work with the exchange coordinator at your home university. You will most likely be required to complete other steps to be eligible for the exchange program.

Once you are ready to apply for admission to YZU as an international exchange student, follow these steps:

  • Application Form
    Complete the application form Download ▶ both in paper and online survey at Link ▶. All questions must be answered in full. Please remember to sign the form at the end. Your application will be delayed if it is incomplete.
  • Study Plan
    Please write a one-page study plan or statement of purpose to allow our screening committees to learn more about you.
  • Transcript
    You must submit an official transcript of your university with your application.
    NOTE: Your name on the application must appear exactly as it appears on your passport. If you do not have a Chinese name, you will be given one.
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation
    Please include at least one letter of recommendation from your professors.
  • Passport
    Please provide a copy of the page on your passport where your photo and personal information is shown. The passport must be valid for at least six months.
  • English Proficiency Scores
    Please be sure that you include one copy of your English proficiency test scores (TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS).
  • Passport-size photos Guidelines
    Taken within the last six months and against a white background.

Please send the required documents to the exchange coordinator via email.
Exchange Coordinator
Name: Ms. Maureen Seo
Email Address:

▊  Other Information

  • Visa
    You will need to apply for a Visitor Visa through the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in your country. Please submit the online application form from the website of the  Bureau of Consular Affairs ▶   For a successful result, you must attach a copy of acceptance letter to the application and make sure that your application status is FS-元智大學交換學生.
    As you may be planning to travel or leave Taiwan during the exchange program, it is advised that you apply for a multiple-entry visitor visa.
  • Accommodation
    Exchange students can choose to live on-campus dormitory, off-campus apartment or find your own accommodation. You should apply at the time of your exchange application.
  • Insurance
    You will be required to purchase a commercial medical insurance policy at the cost of approximately NTD 500/month if you do not present your insurance certificate upon registration.
    International students who plan to stay in Taiwan for more than 6 months must enroll in the National Health Insurance (NHI) program. The National Health Insurance Program is mandatory. Any person who doesn’t enroll is subject to a fine of NT$3,000 to NT$15,000. In addition, this person is required to pay the full premiums starting from the date she or he should have been enrolled. No benefits will be offered before the premiums are paid in full. Notice of penalty violation will be delivered in writing and the fine must be paid on time. If the fines imposed remain unpaid, after a given period of time the case will be referred to the courts for compulsory enforcement.
  • Health Examination
    All incoming students need to take a health examination upon arrival. If you have taken one when applying for your visa, please bring the results certified by our missionary office with you to be exempt from certain items.
  • Choice of Courses 
    To be considered a full-time student, you need to enroll in at least 12 credits per semester or 24 credits per academic year. Most of our professional courses are worth 3 credits and General Education courses are 2 credits.
    Please send us your course list after receiving your letter of acceptance and we will try to enroll you in your preferred courses before you arrive.
    Please note that enrolment is subject to course availability and faculty approval and You can change your courses before the course adding/dropping deadline.
    YZU Curriculum Website▶  
    Step1: Change to English version → 
    Step2: choose Taught in English → Step3: choose Semester 1111 (2022F) & Department Offered the Present Course(s) → Step4: Click the Course ID and Class. The course information for the First (Fall) semester: available in August; Second (Spring) semester: available in January.
  • Transcripts
    When you conclude your exchange with us, we send one copy of your academic transcript to the Exchange Office at your university.

  • Transferring credits to your home university
    Each university has its own process for transferring credits. Please consult your home university for details.