GAO VROOM GOKART X Beach cleaning

GAO VROOM GOKART X Beach cleaning

GAO plans to hold Vroom Gokart and  Beach Cleaning experience on April 24th, 2022. For more information, please refer to the details below:FREE TRANSPORTATION, FREE INSURANCEBreakfast and Lunch will not be sponsored by GAO; students can make a self-purchase to enjoy various kinds of foods at restaurants in Dayuan.Limited 30 students.Sign up from March 9th until March 23rd, 2022(Wed) 12:00noonPlease pay the registration fee to Ms. Maureen(R70208) before April 6th, 2022(Wed) 12:00noonRegister Fee: NT$400/per personSpecial Bonus: 2 people register together NT$350/each Register Link:All participants should register Google form: Google RegisterFor undergraduate students who need service hours MUST sign up: Portal Activity schedule like below:Date: April 24th, 2022TimeDetails08:30-08:40Meet at YZU main gate08:40-09:15VROOM GOKART09:15-11:50VROOM GOKART Experience:卡丁車體驗館12:00-14:00Lunch at Dayuan Restaurant (at own expense)14:00-17:00淨灘-桃園觀音草漯沙丘Beach cleaning at Guanyin Caota Sand Dunes17:00-17:30離開回元智大學 Back to YZU The earth is our mother, and we must love her. Let us protect her together!Note:Please take note that for the undergraduate program, every student must complete 36 activity hours (18 hours of activities and 18 hours of courses). Else, it will affect your graduation qualification. Hence, please seize the opportunity offered by GAO, actively participate in different activities organized to accumulate your required activity hours for graduation purpose. Also, kindly ensure you have completed the registration in both the student portal and Google form in order to obtain the claimed hours. GAO will not provide another chance if you didn't fill in the portal system.
 1102 Mandarin Chinese Chatting Room

1102 Mandarin Chinese Chatting Room

Chinese Chatting Room is a space where you can learn Mandarin in an interesting way and chat with Taiwanese TAs. The topics include the useful vocabularies in daily life and the features of Taiwanese food and culture, such as buying things, sending parcel and the way local speak etc.Chinese Chatting Room is about......
- Daily and practical vocabularies and expressions.
- Taiwanese life and culture
- Chatting with Taiwanese TAsMandarin learners in all levels are welcome to join us. The activity will be conducted primary in Chinese with the assistance of English. Don’t hesitate to come to advance your Mandarin ability.華語聊天室是一個讓外籍生輕鬆學習華語和與台灣人交流的地方,由台灣學生擔任小老師,介紹日常生活中必備詞彙以及台灣飲食與文化特色等,從寄信到旅遊、從點餐用語到情緒表達方式,希望能同時為元智外籍生提升在台生活技能以及華語能力!歡迎所有程度學習者參加!華語聊天室主要用中文介紹,同時會有英文說明。**Chinese Learning Passport is available for Chinese Chatting Room**Download Chinese Learning Passport in the attachment and bring it to Chatting Room!Time: 12-13, Mon & ThuVenue: R70209             Dates & TopicsDateTopicDateTopicMar.14How to order meals
in a breakfast shop?如何在早餐店點餐Mar.17
Taiwan Night Market :
Origin of night market &
all kinds of street food and games台灣夜市文化:

The featured drinks you can buy
at a convenience store超商特色飲料

Mar.24The classic convenience store snacks that you won’t regret trying!絕對不能錯過的台灣超商零食!Mar.28What do we do
during the Tomb Sweeping Day?清明節習俗Mar.31
Start from YZU:
Explore hot spots and attractions
in Taoyuan從元智出發—桃園好好玩

Apr.18To-do list in Taiwan's KTVKTV必點Apr.21
All about movies:
how to purchase tickets
& classic films in Taiwan電影大小事:

Apr.25Art of speaking:
How to express anger in Chinese如何用中文表達憤怒Apr.28
How to speak like a local?台灣人說話習慣:

Useful apps you need
while living in Taiwan在台灣超級實用的日常APP

May.05Transportation in Taiwan: MRT, HSR…& How to buy a ticket?大眾運輸工具&購票方式May.09Where do youngsters like to shop for clothes in Taiwan?台灣酷小孩都在哪裡買衣服?May.12
Taiwanese popular YouTubers:
How many types of YouTubers do you know?認識台灣人氣Youtuber—
Youtuber 類型知多少?

Introduction of hot pot ingredients
& Chinese practice:
Ordering at a hot pot restaurant火鍋裡面有什麼呢 —
認識火鍋料&點餐對話練習May.19Words & phrases you may use
while seeing a doctor看醫生時要說什麼呢?May.23
How to write a letter or a postcard/ send a parcel

Religion in Taiwan:
Taiwanese temple culture and taboos
台灣宗教信仰May.30Things to know about the library:  How to borrow and return books?  How to reserve a meeting room?圖書館必知:
Did you exercise today? 
How to talk at the gym &
popular sports in Taiwan你今天運動了嗎?

June.06Introduction of amusement parks
in Taiwan台灣主題樂園介紹June.09
Introduction of the beautiful offshore islands around Taiwan:
recommended attractions台灣離島必去景點

 2022 International Students Video Contest Competition

2022 International Students Video Contest Competition

Goal: Yuan Ze University is our home away from home. Remember the times that you take a stroll after class, lie down on the field and amazed by the starry sky up above. Or the times that you had a tennis battle under the vibrant sky, or the times that you learn Mandarin in the magnificent building that looked like a paper airplane in the outside but harry potter moving stairs in the inside? So what is YZU to you?Theme: Sharing your experience at YZU (students are encouraged to be creative)Organizer: Global Affairs OfficeEligibility/Entry regulations: YZU International Students (including Overseas Chinese and Mainland China)Single person entry.Team entry: Select one team leader to fill out the form, to upload the video, and to coordinate with GAO.Video regulations: Video duration should be between 3 and 5 minutes in length.Filmed using Hand-phones or professional equipment with 1920*1080P HD or above resolutionVideo Ratio 16:9Format: output as H.264MP4smooth script, basic special effects, clean and clear conversation or dubbing in English, subtitle .srt file in English, royalty-free musicAll the video analysis will be calculated by YouTube analytics.Please include the GAO & YZU png logo in the video。Important Dates:DetailsDateNotedSubmit the application formMarch 1st , 2022 - March 11 st, 2022application from Google linkGAO create a google folder for participantsMarch 14th, 2022GAOSubmit the video to GAO google drive and upload the Title of video and concept/caption of videoMarch 15th, 2022 - March 31st , 2022GAO will send the google drive link to all participants.Video upload to GAO YouTube ChannelMarch 31st, 2022 - April 1st, 2022GAOSubmit the License Agreement document to GAOMarch 31st,2022 - April 6th,2022Submit the agreement documentsPopularity Award Voting DeadlineApril 1st, 2022 - April 15th, 2022AllAnnouncement of Winning EntriesApril 20th, 2022GAOApplication and Submission of Video Entries: Step 1: Submit online application form 2022 International Students Video Contest Competition.Step 2: Shot a video. The video should be between 3 and 5 minutes in length. Must comply with the Regulations Governing the Classification of Motion Pictures and Trailers and the Use of advertisements and promotional materials for a motion picture and copyright and privacy provisions of this contest.Step 3:  Upload video in GAO google drive and upload the Title of video and concept/caption of video before March 31st, 2022 and GAO will upload the video in GAO’s YouTube channel before April 1st,2022. The video should be named as " Name of team + Title of Video + student id number without “s” +2022 International Students Video Contest Competition"Step 4: Upload the video to GAO google drive and wait 3-5 days for GAO qualification review. Video entries that passed qualification review will be directly shown on GAO’s YouTube(YZU Global Affairs Office).After GAO upload your video, click SHARE and hashtag 「#2022 International Students Video Contest & #YZUGAO」.Make your video available to the public and share it on Facebook and tag the GAO fan page @YZU Global Affairs Office.Please share your videos on Instagram and tag @yzugaoShare with your friends and family to vote for you.Voting was limited to one vote per Google account.Qualification Review:  GAO will review the video entries by Regulations Governing the Classification of Motion Pictures and Trailers and the use of advertisements and promotional materials for a motion picture and video storyline. Video entries found to be inappropriate for public viewing, defamatory towards YZU, or discrimination towards others will be disqualified.Video entries that passed qualification review will be shown on GAO YouTube channel.Adversely affect the reputation of the YZU or any of its faculty, students, and partners.Depict hatred, defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten a specific person or community in the society or can incite violence or conflict, or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity) of others.The disqualified materials or information contain infringing, obscene, indecent, or unlawful material or informationYou will be disqualified without submitting the video title, concept and caption.Disqualified entries will be deleted directly without notification.Awards: PrizeVideo with the highest impressionsNT$8,000Video with the most likesNT$5,000Video with the highest viewNT$5,000Popularity award shall be awarded if qualified. of the Ministry of Finance and Taxation. People who will reside less than 183 days within the year 2022 shall be taxed 18% of the total prize. International students shall provide an ARC photocopy or Visitor Visa as proof of stay.
 Adjustment on teaching method starting 12th October 2021

Adjustment on teaching method starting 12th October 2021

The plan is in accordance with the revised content of “Guidelines on pandemic preventive management for all Colleges and Universities in the 110 Academic Year” promulgated by the Ministry of Education on 4th October 2021. In the future, our university will follow the Ministry of Education's latest guidelines revision and make rolling adjustments accordingly. Please pay attention to new announcement on the university’s homepage. Description:1. The key points of the MOE’s pandemic prevention guidelines on teaching methods (Revision 110.10.4):     Physical teaching shall fulfil the following principles; otherwise, online teaching should be adopted. (a)   The number of occupants in the classroom should be less than 80, or meeting the social distance of at least 1.5m per person (2.25m2 /person) if more than 80 people. Seats arrangement is not limited to “quincunx” or interval form.*The number of occupants is calculated by dividing the activity’s floor area excluding fixed equipment by 2.25m2, same for below.(b)   Adopt fixed seat and fixed member floor plan and implement the conduct name registration. If it is not possible to adopt a fixed seat, the instructor in class should take pictures and keep them for follow-up investigation.(c)   Instructors and students should wear face masks during classes and implement hand disinfection. Eating and drinking are prohibited during class.(d)   The classroom should be well ventilated and cleaned regularly. 2. Physical education (a)   Regardless of either indoor or outdoor physical education courses, social distance should be maintained (outdoor 1m; indoor 1.5m). Instructors shall adjust the course objectives, teaching content and evaluation methods especially for team sports or courses that are prone to physical contact. (b)   The number of instructors and students entering the indoor and outdoor sports venues should be consistent with the number of occupants computed for the venue. Also, implement conduct name registration.   3. Practical class (or experimental tutorials) (a)   When conducting experiments or practical classes, fixed groups should be adopted. Students should avoid sharing equipment and materials; if there is a need for alternate use of equipment, thorough disinfection have to be done before the rotation.2. The implementation plan for the adjustment on teaching methods: Basis: Two types of teaching methods are categorized in accordance to the Ministry of Education’s guidelines on indoor upper limit of occupants and the university’s classroom capacity.Category:Type A Courses with number of attendees above 80 people The instructor can choose any of the following methods according to the course attributes and teaching plan:A-1 Online teaching A-2 Mixed Method of Physical and Online teaching by group: The instructor will divide the class into groups according to the student number or other grouping methods (principally two groups; if more than 158 people proposed to be 3 groups). It could be an alternate week arrangement, or take turns to attend class physically or remotely.Type B Courses with less than 80 people To adopt physical teaching.3. Supplementary explanation:(a)   For courses involving computer or other special software, experimental courses, design courses and other practical courses etc., please follow the aforementioned classification principles. (b)   Physical classes should be conducted with fixed seats and a fixed list of students, and roll call should be implemented. If it is not possible to adopt a fixed seat, the instructor in class should take pictures and keep them for follow-up investigation.  (c)   For all the PBL classrooms, computer classrooms, classrooms managed by each department, laboratories and practical classrooms etc., the number of people in the room should be controlled according to the size of the room and the standards set by the Ministry of Education.  (d)   The instructor should advise the students on the course’s teaching method after 12th  October 2021. If students have any questions about the teaching method, they can communicate with the instructor.      (e)   All empty classrooms in the university can be used by students during the period.3. Suggestion for mid-term exams (110/11/15~11/20)      If the Ministry of Education revised on the pandemic preventive management guidelines, rolling adjustments will be made at that time. Type A Adopt mixed method of physical and online teachingOnline examination or online report is the priority; if physical examination is required, the Curriculum Section team will arrange the examination venue according to the number of students. Type B Adopts physical teaching     Physical examination 4. The implementation of online teaching      Synchronous remote:The instructor will conduct live lectures on real-time basis. All students can follow the classes and ask questions or engage in interactive discussions by voice or text in the chat room (the teaching process can be recorded and become an asynchronous remote course). The relevant video or audio records must be kept as the course materials, for examples, Microsoft Teams or the online teaching convenience package provided by the Ministry of Education will have the recording function.※ The Microsoft Teams platform teaching video has been placed on the※ For related inquiries and assistance, please refer to the technical staffs of respective department or personnel from the section of network and media.Asynchronous remote:Recorded audio and video files on PPT, Words or other selected materials will be uploaded for students learning purpose. Teaching service group has free software OBS Studio, which can assist in recording computer screens and sounds.※For the OBS Studio recording software explanation video, please refer to ... aqB5tQA7/view?usp=sharing, or connect to the Office of Academic Affairs website※If instructor have questions about video recording-related issue or needed any software support, please contact Mr. Chen from the Teaching Service Section of the Academic Affairs Office. (Extension: 2940, E-Mail:,Curriculum Section, Office of Academic Affairs
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