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Degree Student
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Graduating Student

Q1.What should I click on YZU portal to process on leaving school procedure? 
APlease follow the tutorial download
Q2.How long can I stay in Taiwan after I graduated? 

Basically, YZU will report the graduation notice to the immigration after issuing you your diploma. Hence, you MUST go the immigration to extend your ARC and change your reason for staying in Taiwan. You may use "Seeking for a Job" as the reason. The maximum extension period under "Seeking for a Job" is 1 year.

Note: Each application for an extension under "Seeking for a Job" is only for 6 months. Before the end of your first 6 months, you need to apply for another six months extension. Thus, the total extension period is 1 year.

All graduates must check out from the dormitory and find a place to live by themselves. YZU Housing Service Section will NOT issue you a housing certificate.

After you received your diploma, you should go to immigration and arrange for the extension of your ARC within 15 days.

Required Documents:

  1. Application Form Download
  2. One 3.5 cm x 4.5 color photo Guidelines
  3. Passport (Original & Photocopy)
  4. ARC (Original & Photocopy)
  5. Certificate of Graduation/ Diploma (Original & Photocopy)
  6. Lease contract (Original & Photocopy) If you do not know which page to photocopy, please kindly ask the volunteer at the immigration for help.
  7. Fee: NT$ 1,000

  1.  If you would like to stay in Taiwan after your graduation, no matter if you are planning to look for a job or to travel, you are advised to first apply for ARC extension at the Immigration Office. This is especially important if you want to go back to your country for a period to rest after you received your diploma and return to Taiwan to find a job. 
  2.  If you received your diploma and are planning to leave Taiwan for good within 15 days, you do NOT need to extend your ARC. For those who wish to return to your country after 15 days, it is recommended to call the immigration to report and confirm whether your ARC should be extended.
  3. If you failed to get a work permit within the 1 year "Seeking for a Job" period, you can not extend your ARC under this reason again and should leave Taiwan. 
  4. If you successfully found a job, your employer will assist you to get a work permit, and after getting the work permit, you should apply at the immigration and change your ARC reason to " Work".
  5. If you get admitted to another university in Taiwan, you should apply at the immigration and change your ARC reason to "Study" with your new admission notice.
  6. If you got married to a Taiwanese, you should apply at the immigration and change your ARC reason to "Dependent"
Q3.Am I allowed to work during the ARC "Seeking a Job" extension period?

You are NOT ALLOWED TO WORK within this period. This is because you DO NOT HAVE a work permit during the ARC "Seeking a Job" extension period. On the day you received your diploma, your work permit as a student automatically expires. Thus, you are not allowed to work until you get a full-time work permit. 

According to the Ministry of Labor, any foreign student found to work without a valid work permit will be fined between NT$ 30,000 to NT$ 150,000. In addition to that, those who did not comply with this will be restricted from working in Tawan for 3 years.

Q4.How do I deal with the update of information of my ARC such as changing of address after I moved out from YZU dormitory? Can I live in my friend's rented room?

 You need to prepare the original and photocopy lease contract to immigration to update the information within 15 days after you moved out from the dormitory. If your name is not written in the lease contract (i.e. you live with your friend), you need to ask your friend (the original tenant of the residential) to write a consent, stating that both of you are living together. The consent needs to be signed by you and your friend.

Q5.How do I deal with my National Health Insurance (NHI) after graduation?

 YZU will only help and ensure your NHI coverage until the end of August. This means that you will not have NHI from September until you start working full-time. To continue your NHI coverage within the "Seeking of a Job" period, please pay the monthly premium of NT$ 826 at your nearest NHI agency or district office. 

If you did not pay the monthly premium on your own during the "Seeking of a Job" period, once you found a job and the company starts to pay its share, the NHI agency will find out that you owed money and issue a recovery order, so you still need to make up for the payment. You need to pay the full fee if you go to NHI-contracted hospitals/clinics during the uninsured period. To apply for a refund, you should take the receipt back to the original hospital/ clinic after you cleared the standing fee and start paying your monthly premium.

You may apply for your insurance at the district office according to the address on your residence permit, alternatively, you may apply for your insurance at 【525, Section 3, Zhongshan East Road, Chungli District, Taoyuan City

Q6.What are the ways to apply for a work permit?

You can apply by either "Wages and Work Experience" or by "New Scoring Criteria for Foreign and Overseas Chinese Students to Work in Taiwan". 

"Wages and Work Experience" is for foreign professionals who may or may not graduate from Taiwan's higher institution. To qualify as a foreign professional, you need to have more than two years of full-time working experience or a master's degree and your employer must agree to give you an average monthly salary of NT$ 47,971. Regulations

The "New Scoring Criteria for Foreign and Overseas Chinese Students to Work in Taiwan" evaluation system began on July 1, 2014. This evaluation system is especially for foreign students or Oversea Chinese students who graduated from Taiwan national or private universities with at least a bachelor's degree. Graduates who scored at least 70 points under the new scoring criteria may apply for a work permit. Another key factor is that companies also need to meet the criteria to hire foreigners.  Regulations

Q7.Do I have to receive my diploma to apply for a work permit?

 Make sure to apply for a work permit only after you receive your diploma (or a statement from Academic Affairs stating that you will graduate in that semester). If you found a job during your degree extension period, you still need to complete your credit hours, get your diploma and then only apply for a work permit.

Q8.Can I apply for a work permit by myself or must it be my employer?

 No, you can not apply for a work permit by yourself. It has to you your employer. So, even if you met the 70-point requirement, you are not allowed to apply for a work permit and then apply for a job. The application for a work permit needs to be forwarded to the Ministry of Labor under the name of the company you will work at. However, the company may prepare the required documents and ask you to submit them on your own.