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▊ YZU Neighboorhood

YZU is close to three major gourmet area- Xingren Road, Huanzhong East Road, and Zhongxiao Road. You can easily find local snacks, exotic dishes, vegetarian meals, buffets, desserts, afternoon tea, renown flagship coffee, popular franchise and many more. Be careful because you might be overwhelmed by too many choices. YZU is within walking distance to Neili Train Station, plus with a YouBike station and bus stops at YZU main entrance, it is convenient, fast, and fun to travel around the area and discover new places. Don't know where to explore? Global Student Association (GSA) students and local students who joined The Buddy Program will be delighted to be your travel guide.

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Where to Eat?

DU sushi.jpgYummyBurger.jpgsmiling fish.jpg
Neili DU SushiYummy BurgerSmiling Fish Waffle
Start off with a small stall in Neili Food Court, they moved out to the opposite of Neili Senior High School to provide a more comfortable and spacious space for the crowd. The interior is simple with a slight Japanese touch. All dishes are made on-the-spot and served fresh and you might expect a queue during peak hours. Only have a specific budget but craving for a really savory burger? Yummy Burger is your spot! With beef chuck steak burger and extra cheese, it will surely able to satisfy your hunger. Burrito and special cocktails are also not to be missed. This place is superb for hanging out with friends because there is a wide selection of comic books, chests, dices, and cards available for in-house play. This famous waffle restaurant is opened by a YZU Alumni. Here you can get sweet and savory, half and half waffles for the same price. Their signature drink- Butterbeer is absolutely perfect with the waffle.    

Where to Go?

R.jpgDaxi Tea.jpgBade Cypress.jpg
Republic of ChocolateDaxi Tea FactoryBade Bald Cypress Forest 
The outward appearance of the building looks like a bar of top-notched handcraft chocolate cut in half with the fillings flowing out. You can find interesting facts about chocolate in the education section, creative chocolate dishes in the gourmet section, chocolate products in the market section, and even have some hands-on experience in the DIY section.  The exterior of the factory was based on India's Darjeeling Tea Factory but with a touch of both Taiwanese and Japanese in its interior layout. Take a visit to the factory to get to know the process of tea-making, drink a cup of freshly brewed tea, and chillax in the golden oldies atmosphere. 

The 3-hectare forest consisting of green cypresses slowly turns into different shades of red starting from late fall. During mid-summer, the lush green bald cypress forest is accompanied by a pond of blooming lotuses. Come and take a walk in the cypress forest. Immerse in a forest bath. You will surely feel restored and rejuvenated at the end of the day. 

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