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Work Permit

All international students who wish to work in Taiwan (either on campus or off campus) must apply for and obtain the Work Permit before starting work. Please note that if you hold a job without a valid Work Permit, you may be fined NT$ 30,000 to NT$ 150,000 and ordered to leave the country immediately.  Tutorial- Working Permit Application  

Application Link:

Important Notice:

  • For applications made in the first semester (fall semester), the work permit is valid until March 31st of the next semester. Applications made in the second semester (spring semester), the work permit is valid until September 30th of the same year.
  • Work permits for university/college graduates (including students whose graduation is delayed) are valid till June 30 of the same year.
  • GAO needs some time to check all the work permit applications and will ONLY send out approval every Friday. GAO will NOT approve work permit applications immediately after submission under any circumstances.
  • As a minimum of 15 days is required to process such application from all the parties, the student should apply for their work permit in the system at least two weeks in advance. 
  • Students are required to check their work permit expiry date and avoid last-minute applications. 
  • After the approval of the work permit application, students have to check their email (as filled in the system) for any updated status from the work permit application's website
  • As defined by the “Regulations on the Permission and Administration of the Employment of Foreign Workers
    • During a semester, a standard work week should NOT exceed a total of 20 hours.
    • During winter or summer breaks, a standard work week, as defined by the labor law, of 40 hours a week or 8 hours per day should be observed in favor of the aforementioned 20-hour work week.

Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

Renewal of ARC (Normal Procedure: within 15 days before the expiration date)

Online Application System

Online Application System 

Please choose identity Foreign students and Overseas Chinese students, create an account, and proceed according to the instructions.

  • For Certificate of Enrollment, please apply at R1209 Academic Affairs
  • For Dormitory Housing Certificate, please apply at Student Housing Service Section at 1st Foor of 1st Male Dorm or Apartment Lease

Online Payment

After the online application is reviewed and approved by the NIA, please make your payment for the residence permit within 5 working days, with application content and price listed below:

  1. Price of a one-year residence permit for foreign students: NT$1,000.
  2. Price of a two-year residence permit for foreign students: NT$2,000.
  3. Price of a three-year residence permit for foreign students: NT$3,000.
  4. Price for alteration or re-issuance of residence permit: NT$500.

The system provides multi-payment options such as "international credit card", "ATM online", "virtual account payment", "e-government payment platform", and "payment at the four major convenience stores in Taiwan". Regarding the payment option of "International Credit Card", this platform does not support China UnionPay and American Express, and only JCB, VISA, MasterCard credit cards are used for online payment. After the payment is completed, no refund will be made.

The penalty of late application will be NT$ 2,000-10,000. For those who forgot to renew their ARC, foreign students who overstayed for less than 30 days can re-apply after being paying off the full penalty (NT$ 2,000-10,000) and will be banned from entering Taiwan in the future if overstayed more than 30 days. 

Renewal of ARC (Special Case: 15 days before the expiration date)

If your ARC will expire while you are abroad during winter or summer break, please renew your ARC before you leave Taiwan. Apart from the required documents listed above, you need to bring your round trip E-ticket/Flight Itinerary as supporting document for the National Immigration Agency. The receipt issued by the National Immigration Agency can be used as your re-entry permit to enter Taiwan if you do not receive the ARC card before your departure.

Change of Information

If you have any update of information such as changing of address or passport number, please visit the National Immigration Agency to apply for "information change" with the original and photocopy of the document that has the information that needed to be changed within 15 days to avoid penalty. No fee will be charged if the application of information change is applied within 15 days. The penalty of late application will be NT$ 2,000-10,000.     

Lost of ARC

Lost ARC in Taiwan: Report immediately to your nearest police station. You will be issued a "Statement of Lost ARC" from the police station. Take the statement to the nearest National Immigration Agency to apply for a replaced ARC card. The fee is NT$ 500.

Lost of ARC abroad: If you are from countries that are eligible for the visa exemption program, you can enter Taiwan by Visa on Landing. If you need a visa to enter Taiwan, please apply for a resident visa abroad to enter Taiwan. After you enter Taiwan, please follow the instruction as "Lost in ARC in Taiwan. 


  1. Overstay within 30 days (30th day excluded) but still enrolled: pay the fine and the application fee for the ARC extension
  2. Overstay more than 30 days (30th day included) and still enrolled: pay the fine and leave the country in 7 days to apply for a new visa to re-enter Taiwan

Overstay fine:

  • 1-10 days: NTD$2,000
  • 11-30 days: NTD$4,000
  • 31-60 days: NTD$6,000
  • 61-90 days: NTD$8,000
  • over 91days: NTD$10,000

More FAQ regarding ARC 

Location of National Immigration Agency (Taoyuan Service Center): 

 Ministry of the Interior-National Immigration Agency  

National Health Insurance (NHI) 

NHI Insurance Program is a compulsory social insurance program. It is founded on the concept of mutual assistance and depends on the insured paying their premium. By law, every Taiwanese citizen with official residency or foreign national living in Taiwan with an ARC MUST enroll in the program. No one may arbitrarily withdraw, except for those who lose their insurance eligibility such as people who give up their Taiwan citizenship, move abroad, or let their ARC expire.

[IMPORTANT!!!] Upon receiving your ARC,  you will automatically join NHI program after you stayed continuously in Taiwan for 6 months or with one trip abroad not exceeding 30 days when the actual residency period of 6 months is reached after the days abroad have been deducted. 

The premium of NHI will be included in your Tuition Fee Payment Slip every semester when you are eligible to join the NHI program. The premium is NT$ 826 per month, hence the payment per semester is NT$ 4,956 (Fall Semester August-January; Spring Semester February-July). Before joining the NHI program, GAO will help all newly arrived students to join a commercial insurance program with a cost of NT$ 500 per month. GAO will inform you to pick-up your NHI card by YZU student mail once we receive it. 

*Scholarship recipient (such as YZU scholarship) with tuition waiver must pay the NHI fee each semester to the cashier because tuition waiver does not include NHI fee.  

If you lost/damaged your NHI IC card, please submit the documents below to GAO and we will help you to apply for a replacement card.

  1. Photo *2
  2. ARC Photocopy
  3. Application fee NT$ 200

 National Health Insurance Administration-Ministry of Health and Welfare   

University Regulations

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