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▊ College Clubs and Organizations

Getting involved on campus has many benefits. Time management, leadership, and communication are just a few things that you can learn through community participation. YZU holds the annual "World Expo" to let all of our 100+ clubs and organizations show cast themselves to attract and encourage students to stay active and vibrant.

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Global Student Association GSA

GSA is a student association under the supervision of the Global Affairs Office. The members of GSA comprises of International Students and Oversea Chinese Students. GSA serves as a bridge between foreign students and school authorities, channeling the students' voice to the school and passing down information from the school to the students. GSA also holds events and festivals to bond Taiwanese and international students. The events include the International Cultural Festival, Mid-Autumn BBQ Party, Christmas Party, Dragon Boat Festival, Beach Cleaning, Islamic Celebration, and many more. Study abroad in YZU will surely be one of your most amazing life experience.

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Multi-Cultural Festivals and Special Events

Apart from student clubs and organizations, YZU also holds a variety of events throughout the year. The events include musical, inter-department socialization, public welfare, talk show by worldwide personages and many more exciting events that will surely spice up your university life.      

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