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▊  Specially Designed Classrooms

At YZU we constantly strive to make sure that all of our facilities are advanced and provide the best learning experience for our students.  YZU has various classrooms designed to suit different needs of courses and new/refurbished study spaces. We recognize that the environment, atmosphere, and equipment for courses differ and it is our top priority to build and maintain a high standard of classroom environment conducive to learning, stimulate creative thinking, and develop team communication skills.  

E-ClassroomTeaching Recording Facility ClassroomDistance ClassroomPBL (Problem-Based Learning) ClassroomCase Study Classroom

YZU Specially Designed Classrooms.jpg

▊  Library

Being awarded the "Architect Magazine Award" and the "Far East Outstanding Architectural Design Award", YZU library is deeply loved by students for its reader-friendly environment designs. It is a well-known attraction on campus and was also a popular shooting spot for many dramas, advertisements, and music videos. The library has more than 300,000 collections and ample learning areas that integrate multimedia audio-visual functions. The library also provides inter-library cooperation services, allowing faculty members and students to enter and borrow books from out-campus operating units and institutes. 

Location of Library: 1F, Building 5

Open HoursMon-Fri08:00-22:00Mid/Final Term Exam open until 23:00
Sat-Sun09:00-17:00 YZU Library Website  

YZU Library.jpg

▊  Student Learning Center

The Student Learning Center is strategically located just next to the residential area. The center combines self-study, seminars, data inquiries, online learning, and other functions that ensure comfortable and high-efficiency learning environment. Teaching assistants (TA) are available during off-class hours, providing one-on-one consultations as a more practical approach to help struggling students. 

Location of Student Learning Center: 2F, Student Activity Center

Food and Drink ProhibitedEntry by Student I.DMagazines not available for borrowing
Open Hours :Mon-Sun08:00-23:00Mid/Final Term Exam open until 24:00

YZU Learning Center.jpg

▊  Mandarin Chinese Corner and TOCFL Preparation Class

International students are welcomed to walk-in and chat with teachers and local students. With different topic for each session, international students gain more information about Taiwan and Chinese culture that is not taught in classes while enhancing Mandarin Chinese listening and speaking skills. YZU also has free Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) preparation class for international students, which can familiarize them with the test's structure, give them tips to score in TOCFL, and strengthen their overall Mandarin Chinese ability.

    ILCC website  

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