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Degree Students
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New Degree Students


▊ Before Arrival

Pre-Arrival Checklis

→Special Entry Procedure for Covid-19←

▊ Student Visa for Taiwan

Students, whose length of stay in Taiwan exceeds 180 days, must apply for a Resident Visa at a Taipei Representative Office. Resident Visa holders are required to apply for the Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) at the National Immigration Agency in Taipei within 15 days from the next day of their arrival. Students may stay in Taiwan as long as the Alien Resident Certificate remains valid.

Resident Visa applicants are also required to undergo a medical exam before applying for the visa and have this Health Certificate form filled out by the examining doctor. 

The Health Certificate must first be legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the applicant’s home country before submitting to the Taipei Representative Office with other visa application documents.

You can start the visa application process after receiving the official acceptance letter from Yuan Ze University. You will receive more information on the visa process after you accepted YZU Admission Offer. 

Resident Visa

[Recommended] Resident Visa from your home country→ Alien Residence Certificate (ARC) within 15 days after entering Taiwan

[NOT Recommended] Visitor Visa (Visa upon arrival)→ Resident Visa then to ARC (within 15 days after entering Taiwan) 

All new students (including Visa-free countries) MUST apply for a Resident Visa before entering Taiwan. If you failed to do so, you would still need to change the Visitor Visa into Resident Visa before applying for ARC. 

Alien Resident Visa

ARC serves as your ID card in Taiwan. GAO will assist in applying for the ARC card during your first semester.

Documents to be handed in on Orientation Day to apply for ARC:

  1. Passport Original & Photocopy of 1) Information 2) Taiwan R.O.C Immigration Entry Stamp 3)Resident Visa
  2. One 2.5 to 4.5 cm color photo Guidelines
  3. Application Fee: NT$ 1,000

Students are responsible to renew the ARC card every year. Please read Degree Students→Current Degree Students→Renewal of Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

▊ Health Exam

New coming students are required to complete the YZU new student health checkup (compulsory for all new students) and Form B Medical Checkup required for ARC application.

▊ Degree Verification

All foreign diplomas and transcripts must be authenticated by your local or nearest R.O.C (Taiwan) embassy, consulate, or representative office. If the transcripts and diplomas are neither in Mandarine Chinese nor English, please verify the original documents and the translation of the documents before you arrive in Taiwan.

R.O.C (Taiwan) Embassies & Missions: List

▊ Course Selection

The online course selection consists of three stages: Stage 1-3 of Online Course Selection and an Off-line Course Sign-Up/Drop application. Please refer to  Course Selection Notification for more information and important dates concerning course selection. 

▊ Insurance

According to the National Health Insurance (NHI) Act, all foreigners staying in Taiwan for more than six months and meet the criteria must join the NHI program. To ensure all international students are covered by a medical insurance before joining National Health Insurance (NHI), GAO will help all international students to buy commercial medical insurance (Cathay Life Insurance Group Students Health Insurance) for the first six months.

Cathay Life Insurance Group Students Health Insurance

To claim the insurance reimbursement, please submit the following documents to GAO(Ms. Maureen) in person. GAO will submit your application to the insurance company.

1. Original payment receipt
2. Original certificate of diagnosis
3. Photocopy of your bank account passbook cover
4. Photocopy of your passport
5. Photocopy of ARC

Note: The insurance company only covers one visit per day for the same symptoms. The maximum reimbursement per day is NT$1,000 and it does NOT include the hospital or clinic registration fee.

Claim Application (only available in Chinese)  →download

▊ Bank Account

It is advisable for students to open a Postal Office Bank account as your scholarship will be directly wired into your bank account.

Required documents:

  1. Passport (Original)
  2. ARC (Original)
  3. Chinese Chop/Stamp 
  4. At least NT$ 1,000 for a deposit.
  5. It is strongly recommended that you apply for an ATM bank card, so you can use it to withdraw money from any ATMs near you.

The nearest Postal Office that can open a bank account is Zhongli Dingli Post Office

Zhongli Dingli Post Office (中壢頂壢郵局)

Address: No. 53, Rongmin Rd, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, 320

Tel: 03-4557254

Chinese Chop/ Stamp

ZhiQiang 自強鎖行

Address: No. 2, Lane 97, Rongmin Rd, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, 320

Note: If you are under 20 years old, you need to submit the original Letter of Consent notarized by Taiwan's embassies (or representative offices) from parents/guardians and photocopies of their valid photo IDs (passport) to open a bank account.

[IMPORTANT !!!] Upon getting your bank account, please log in to your YZU portal and follow the steps in the tutorial to key in your bank account.  Tutorial


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