Latest News:2023 Lunar New Year Important Announcement from Global Affair Office

Posted by:gao-in on 2023-01-16
During the Lunar New Year, Global Lounge will be closed from January 20th through January 29th, 2023. In addition, there will be no staff at the University during this period. 

During the vacation, if you have any concerns with your daily or any emergency issues please do not hesitate to contact YZU's Emergency contact number: Military Education Affairs Office: 03-455-3698


Covid-19 Information(students who stay in the dorm please pay attention) COVID-19資訊 (住在宿舍的人請注意!):

  1. According to the current rules, Taiwan government still required all inbound travellers to do the 0 + 7 policy (7 days period of self-initiated prevention.) 根據現在的規定,台灣政府要求進入台灣的旅客要做0+7 (7天自主防疫)
  2. Please upload your flight information via this link provided:
  3. For the students who are planning to return back to their home country during the winter vacation, please be notified that you have to return back to school one week before(Jan.30-Feb. 6)the semester starts so that you are allowed to stay in the dorm. In this time period, you will be under a 7-day of self-initiated prevention. You are required to do the self-test on the arrival day (day 0), as well as on day-2, day-4 and day-6 after you have entered Taiwan. If you have any symptoms, please do the self-test and inform GAO.打算寒假回國的學生,請注意學期從2/13開始,請提早一個禮拜回來 (1/30-2/6-),這樣你才能住在宿舍。在七天的自主防疫期間,你需要在到達的當天(0)、第二天、第四天和第六天做快篩。如果你有任何症狀,你自己做快篩並告知GAO
  4. If you fail to arrive one week before school starts, you are required to find off-campus accommodation by yourself to complete 7 days of self-management before returning to the dormitory if you do not arrive one week before school commences. 如果你沒有在開學之前完成七天的自主防疫,你需要自己找在學校外的住宿,並在那裏進行七天的自主防疫
  5. For undergraduate students, if you are planning to return and complete self-management in the dormitory, you will have to pay NT$120/day. 大學部學生如計劃返校在宿舍完成自我管理,則須繳交一天新台幣120元。

Alien Residence Certificate 居留證(ARC):

  1. Please apply for an ARC extension within 30 days before your ARC expires. 請在居留證過期前的30天申請居留證延長
  2. If you plan to leave Taiwan during your study, please ensure your ARC will still be valid when you return to Taiwan before your departure. Please apply for ARC extension online if necessary. 如果你打算在就學期間離開台灣,請在離開台灣之前確認你回台灣的時候,居留證是不是還有效。如果有需要,請申請居留證延長。
  3. Please be advised that If you move to another accommodation and plan to live there not just for the winter, please remember to modify your information on your ARC, otherwise, you may be fined the next time you renew your ARC. 如果你要搬到其他地方 (不只寒假期間),請記得更新居留證上的居住地址,不然會被罰款。

The Taiwan Government may change the information at any period of time, kindly refer to the link provided below in order to receive the updated news台灣政府可能會改變上面的資訊,提醒你可以用下面的連結查看最新資訊: 

Taiwan Center for Disease Control台灣疾病管制局 

Immigration office移民署

Bureau Of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China(Taiwan) 外交部領事事務局

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