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Posted by:gao-hq on 2022-06-01

Announcement for Exchange Student 

Before Application

  1. The first thing you need to do is understand your own personal needs, check the institution's website, and communicate with your parents.
  2. Provide proof of English proficiency (required for the preliminary review), an English autobiography, an English resume, and a letter of recommendation from your professor (required for the second review).
  3. If you apply, you have a chance.

During Application

  1. Please do not contact GAO or the sister institution regarding this issue since it will take a long time for the review to be completed.
  2. The financial statement, passport, health check report, and insurance can all be provided later.

Related Documents 

YZU Preliminary Selection

  1. Online Application  Application Form ▶ 
  2. Download: (Hard-copy) Preference Form (YZU Outgoing Exchange Student).docx▶ 

Review materials after passing the preliminary selection (The information must be entered into the computer, and the file format cannot be changed arbitrarily.)

  1. Download: YZU Overseas Exchange Application Form.docx▶ 
  2. Download: Exchange/ Dual-Degree Affidavit.docx ▶ 
  3. Download:  Long-Term International and Cross-Strait Student Exchange Scholarship. docx ▶ 
  4. Download: Consent Form for Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Information.docx ▶ 
  5. Course Reduction, Selection, Credit Transfer:  Academic Affairs: Course Selection Precautions for Outgoing Exchange Students▶
  6. Download: Withdrawal Form of Student Exchange Program▶ 
  7. Download: Consent Form of Student Exchange due to COVID-19 ▶ 

Coordinator: Yoyo Hsiao

Contact:03-4638800 #3286


Facebook: YZU Global Affairs Office