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YZU has signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the Exchange of Students with several partner institutions to acknowledge academic credits from one another. This program benefits students with cultural exchanges in language, academics, and culture alongside the international competitiveness brought out by the local and global degrees.


Currently enrolled YZU student.


Schedule of Spring and Fall Semester

Fall Semester


Spring Semester




1. Preliminary Review by YZU

Please visit the GAO website to complete the online form and submit the "Preliminary Review Application" within the application period.

Please keep an eye on the time to complete the form, as some institutions have an earlier deadline. Documents submitted after the due date will not be accepted.

MarSep2.  Preliminary Review Results Announced by GAO

Apr-JunOct-Nov3. Application for the host institution

1. Submission of review materials according to the regulations and schedule of YZU and host institutions.

Every institution has a different application deadline. Please follow the instructions of the GAO coordinator.

Jun-JulDec-2023/Jan4. Review by the host institution

1. The host institution sends out an acceptance letter.
2. Students apply for a visa, air ticket, insurance, dorm, etc.

Jun-JulDec-2023/Jan5. Selection Review by YZU

Students will receive a notification from the GAO that they must submit the review materials to get approval from their department for studying abroad.

Sep-Oct2023/Jan-Mar6. Student attends the host institution 

YZU Preliminary Review Appl.    Sister Univ. Appl.     Sister Univ. Review     Course Credit Transfer Application  


YZU Nomination

A nomination will be submitted to the host institution by GAO. Upon receiving the host institution's consent, students will be notified to prepare their application materials.


Selection Review by YZU

 The Global Office will notify students to submit review materials(DownloadApplication Documents (under construction) here)



  1. Depending on the host institution, some students may receive notifications later than others.
  2. Make sure you submit your application materials to the Global Affairs Office before the specified deadline to avoid losing your application rights.
  3. For students who have yet to receive the application notice, it is recommended that they refer to the sister institution's website to prepare the application documents in advance. However, you should not purchase air tickets until you obtain the admission letter from the sister university.
  4. Since most host institutions have not decided whether to accept exchange students, the Global Affairs Office will maintain the scheduled application process until more information is provided. Actual application may still be affected by the epidemic. If there are any changes, the Global Office will keep in touch with students and update them on the situation.
  5. Please be reminded that,

    1. Students would not need to pay to the partner schools but need to pay the total tuition fee for our school.
    2. If you are funded by the scholarship (offered by YZU, MOE Taiwan, MOFA Taiwan, ICDF Taiwan, Elite Scholarship Program, …etc.) should not participate in exchange programs without giving up your scholarships.
    3. You must follow the academic office's schedule and pay your tuition fee on time or your eligibility for the exchange program will be canceled.


Scholarship/ Bursaries for Outgoing Exchange Student

  1. The categories of scholarship/bursaries for double-degree students are as follows: 
    1. Scholarship provided by the sister institution (such as Japan JASSO Scholarship)
    2. Regional, country, and field-specific scholarships (such as Scholarships offered by the Japan Taiwan Exchange Association)
    3. MOE Scholarship for Excellent Students to Study Abroad or Overseas Internship Training (For Taiwanese Students Only)
    4. Scholarships and Grants for Yuan Ze University Students in International and Cross-Strait Exchange  Link
  2. Multiple awards/bursaries can be applied simultaneously, but only one will be funded for the trip abroad.
  3. Those who do not obtain the admission permit or register at the sister institution as required will immediately be disqualified from the awards/bursaries.
  4. The award recipient is required to complete the award obligations in accordance with the regulations.
  5. Application methods for various scholarships/bursaries for students studying abroad depend on the award/bursary provider's announcements for the current year.


Change of Period/ Give up 

Extension of Period

No extension of the exchange period will be granted for university-level outgoing exchange students, regardless of opening availability.

Shortening of Period

If there are specific reasons or force majeure circumstances, that the exchange period must be shortened or returned earlier, the student must submit proofs and reports, and obtain the consent of both YZU and its sister institution before formalities for shortening the exchange period can be processed. All responsibilities must be taken by students themselves.

Consequently, the applicant will not be eligible for a scholarship award, and the scholarship awarded must be returned to the scholarship issuing unit.

If a student returns to the country without following the above regulations, he or she will not be able to participate in the exchange program again in the future.


  1. The "Withdrawal Form of Student Exchange Program" must be submitted according to the requirements of the Global Office. Once submitted, the document can not be withdrawn.
  2. Print out the form(Download Withdrawal Form of Student Exchange Program), and submit it to GAO R70208
  3. Students who want to withdraw after passing the preliminary review must submit the document. 

Coordinator: Yoyo Hsiao

Contact:03-4638800 #3286


Facebook: YZU Global Affairs Office