Latest News:Exchange Student Definition

Posted by:gao-hq on 2020-08-10


Who said college only has three compulsory credits?

As students at Yuan Ze University, we not only pursue academic work, clubs, and love but also STUDY ABROAD.


YZU offers current students the opportunity to study abroad.

The exchange program is open to second-year undergraduates (inclusive) and above; graduate students are not restricted by their year of study.


Included in study abroad are:

  • Student exchange
  • Internship
  • Summer/winter camps
  • Short-term exchanges


Globally, on all five continents


In exchange programs, students are given the same status as a student at the host university for a semester or for a full academic year. Credits taken at the home and host university can be recognized, allowing substantial exchange opportunities for students. 

The duration of summer/winter camps and short-term exchanges varies from 4 to 8 weeks.


The only question is WHY NOT?


You need to decide what type of study you wish to pursue, then select a country and institution where you would like to exchange, and then submit an application.

Due to the differences in the application documents between schools, please submit your application documents according to each school's regulations.

Exchange students are accepted from sister schools based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit under a signed agreement to provide short-term, non-degree study opportunities abroad.

For participation in the school exchange student program hosted by the Global Affairs Office, students must first participate in the "Selection of Exchange Students" to receive YZU's (home institution) recommendation and nomination qualification and then submit the relevant application materials to the sister (host) institution.

Several colleges and departments offer exchange programs through different agreements where they manage the selection process independently. Please contact the college/department for more information.

PlanConfirm eligibility, survey host institution (sister university) and requirements, and English test
DoSubmit the application to Global Affairs Office (GAO), host institution, and take an English test
CheckAcceptance letter, Course list
ActionApply for financial aid, Via and travel arrangements, insurance, etc.