Latest News:【Free Gift Bag】2022 Moon Festival giveaway R70207 Sep 14th 11:30-13:30

Posted by:gao-hq on 2022-08-04

In celebration of this auspicious festival, we at GAO have arranged a small gift for all international students. The gift bags will be given out at the R70207 meeting room on September 14th (Wed) 11:30-13:30. Limited amount available. A pure vegan option is also available. 

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What's inside our gift bag

Flaky Mooncake  

Flaky Mooncake.jpg

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Flaky but also cripsy pastry with sweetened red bean paste and salted duck egg. In spite of the traditional use of pork lard, GAO specifically ordered non-pork lard based for the safety of all international students. 

Mung Bean Paste Mooncake (pure vegan)

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It might look simple, but this style is one of the hardest to make. Two types of dough are rolled out individually per mooncake, stacked and then rolled again to create flaky layers. The most prevalent filling consists of mung bean paste. 



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Pomelo sounds like “bless” (yòu) in Mandarin and are offered to the moon in the hopes that the Moon Goddess will bless families with good luck and happiness. Also, pomelo slices will help you cleanse your palate after eating too many sweet mooncakes! 

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