Latest News:2022 IISMA for Vocational Students @ Yuan Ze University, Taiwan

Posted by:gao-hq on 2022-05-04
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Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards Edisi Vokasi

Yuan Ze University has a Strong Linkage with Industry

Yuan Ze University (YZU; Chinese: 元智大學) is one of the best private universities in Taiwan. YZU was established by the Far Eastern Group, which consists of roughly 249 different companies in fields ranging from petrochemicals and energy, department stores, banks, cement and construction, hotel, hospital, and shipping.  Therefore YZU has a strong linkage with industries.  The beautiful campus is located in Taoyuan City, which only takes 20 minutes to the Taoyuan International Airport and 40 minutes to Taipei.

YZU is located in Taoyuan City, the key figure for many industries in Taiwan. The 29 industrial parks in Taoyuan consist of LCD, LED, PCB, Semiconductor, Textile, Chemical, and many others. It gives the students and graduates of YZU great resources for internships, industrial projects, and job opportunities.


IISMA Online Exhibition YZU Session Sign Up

Date: 2022. 05.13 (Fri) 9:00-11:00 (Indonesia time)  10:00-12:00 (Taiwan Time) enter YZU session


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Scheme B. Classroom + Industrial experience

Engineering Program

11 English taught courses in Fundamental Computer Programming- Python, Introduction to Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, Mechanical Design, Production Planning, and Control, Science and Technology English Conversation, Introduction to Computer Graphics in Design, Service and Technology Management, Virtual Reality, Introduction to Computer and Network Security, Special Topics in Industrial Microbiology, Human Factors.

Business and Management Program

16 English taught courses in Management, Ethical Decisions and Corporate Social Responsibility, Organization Behavior, Financial Management, Operations Management, International Business Management, Consumer Psychology, Insights and Behavior, Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Market and Institution, Global Logistics Management, Global and Cross-Cultural Marketing, Financial Packages and Applications, Digital Marketing Communication & Traction, Digital Marketing Communication & Traction, International Finance.

Scheme C. Classroom with an industrial focus

Finance and Accounting Program

6 English taught courses in Accounting Principle, Financial Management, International Finance, Financial Market and Institution, Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Packages, and Applications.

Live on Campus

Indonesia Culture Show

Share Indonesia's culture, food, music, drama, and costume. 


Muslim Friendly

3 praying rooms at the dormitory and international student lounge, Hala restaurant on campus, Longgang Mosque nearby.