Latest News:High Important Message by Global Affairs Office

Posted by:gao-in on 2022-05-02

Due to an unavoidable situation, all the staff in GAO(R70208) have to follow the home isolation 3+4 plan. Therefore, GAO(R70208) will be closed this week. Please note that if you have urgent matters to liaise with Lukas or Maureen, please contact us via email or line.

Lukas’s email:

Maureen’s email:

What's close contact?

  • For individuals having had contact with a confirmed case for more than 15 minutes, without face mask on, under the following circumstances, such as living, dining, participating in activities together, at a workplace or campus, a medical facility, or on public transportation. The investigation period starts from 2 days before the onset of the symptoms of the confirmed case until the day of quarantine.

CECC PRESS RELEASE Home isolation period with 3+4 plan starting April 26 ... bb-1sVZIF5m5HA?typeid=158 

Name-based rationing system for at-home COVID-19 test kits to be launched on April 28 and allow people to purchase test kits with their NHI card ... h0cqn8HqwyX_QQ?typeid=158

To see the pharmacies with test kits in your area

The face mask related and other prevention measures in May ... xHv5cGkbKKX2xQ?typeid=158