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Posted by:gao-in on 2022-04-12

Welcome to ELTA! The Fall 2022 recruitment has begun. The employment period for current recruitment is from 1st August 2022 till 31st July 2023 (negotiable).

You can join us by applying through the portal below. Before you start, please make sure you have gone through the eligibility page and required documents page to know what to prepare for the application.

Job Description
    ELTAs can provide a variety of teaching activities to Taiwanese students. Possible roles are as follows:
  1. English Summer/Winter Camp Leader
    For the camps, ELTAs are given flexibility when determining camp themes. Possible topics range from cultural and artistic awareness to environmental and scientific explorations. In light of the available themes, specialized lexicons could be introduced to camp-goers with ease, especially when coupled with cooperative experiences as offered. Through such fosterage of linguistic immersion, the camps are envisioned to inspire a fulfilling English learning experience over the summer and winter breaks.
  2. Thematic Lesson Teaching Assistant
    Thematic lesson is given during the semester. Conversational English is emphasized and facilitated with topics/contents determined by ELTAs in collaboration with class instructors in the assigned schools.
  3. English Conversation Partner
    ELTAs will provide small-group learning opportunities for low-achieving students to strengthen their English speaking and listening skills, and gain confidence in learning English!
  4. English Competition Trainer
    ELTAs will assist the execution of school-wide linguistic competitions by training the respective class or school contestants in pronunciation, vocabulary, sentence structure, and tonality. Possible competitions include theater, musical performance, debates, chorus, public speaking, etc.
  5. Club Activity Leader
    ELTAs, as club activity leaders, are offered opportunities to run clubs such as reading club, writing club, sport club, Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) clubs and more.
  6. Others
    Activities vary depending on the school’s needs and the ELTA’s strengths.


    ELTAs are expected to work on an average of 4 hours per week at each school. The exact working hour per week depends on the negotiation between the assigned schools and ELTAs.

    1. During a semester, a standard work week should NOT exceed a total of 20 hours.
    2. During winter or summer breaks, a standard work week, as defined by the labor law, of 40 hours a week or 8 hours per day should be observed in favor of the aforementioned 20-hour work week.

    ELTAs will be offered NTD$400 per hour when working in the elementary or junior high school. Public transport subsidies will be provided for working in remote locations, in accordance with the Directions of the Domestic Travel Allowance Disbursement.

For more information, please refer the link: English Language Teaching Assistant (ELTA) Program (

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