Latest News:2018 New Southbound Neighboring Countries Cultural Arts Festival in Taichung

Posted by:gao-hq on 2018-08-23

2018 New Southbound Neighboring Countries Cultural Arts Festival in Taichung

In order to give international students an opportunity to experience more of the culture of South Asia and South East Asia, near Taiwan, and become acquainted with Taiwanese and New Southbound

Peoples'  lifestyles, we welcome you to :

“The 2018 New Southbound Neighboring Countries Cultural Arts Festival in Taichung.”

Date :

October 13th 2018

Guests :

All international students(East & West) & host families *Free\

Location of event :

藍陽花園(臺中市西屯區朝馬路 601-5 號)
(No.601-5, Chaoma Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City)

Registration :

Please regester online at 

Registration Deadline :

QR_CODE.png Oct. 4th (Thu.)

Contact Information :

Taiwan Host-family Program 

鄭喬文 Joe Cheng            Tel : 06-2533131 #1603         E-mail :

Notes :

  1. You may dress yourself casually. We willhavea free dancing partyandvotingfunduring thefestival
  2. Completingtheregistration processdoesn’tguaranteeyourforth. Thank you.
  3. Transportationfromyourlocationtotheevent,istheresponsibilityof the guests.
  4. Wewillmatch youwith a host-family.Unexpected absencecannotbe allowed.

Pleasebe responsible for your presence.


13:00 ~ 13:15Sign up

Meet us at 藍陽花園

▲Directions will be provided before the event. You are welcome to come from other cities.

13:15 ~ 13:45Opening
  • Superiors' talks for the event
  • Introduction of New Southbound Neighboring countries
13:45 ~ 15:15Cultural program
  • Traditional instrumental performance.
  • Legendary drama
  • Dances and Songs for festivals
15:15 ~ 16:10Cultural Experience

We invite people from New Southbound Neighboring countries to present their authentic culture through traditional clothing, celebrities, games, martial arts etc.

16:10 ~ 16:50Tea time

Free time to interact with all the guests and participants.

16:50 ~ 17:30Closing

Free dancing party & voting for the “Dancing King & Queen”.




Sponsor :

Ministry of Education (R.O.C)

Organizer :

Taiwan Host-family Program (Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology)