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 Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

Amazing YZU
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Tuition & Fees


Tuition/ Fees

CollegeYearTuition MiscellaneousGroup InsuranceTotal/Semester
UndergraduateCollege of Engineering, Informatics, Electrical and Communication EngineeringBachelor Year 140,81015,23018956,229
Bachelor Year 2-440,81014,72018955,719
College of ManagementBachelor Year 139,0009,91018949,099
Bachelor Year 2-439,0009,40018948,589
College of Humanities and Social SciencesBachelor Year 139,0009,19018948,379
Bachelor Year 2-439,0008,68018947,869
Graduate College of Engineering, Informatics, Electrical and Communication EngineeringMaster Year 1-2 and Ph.D. Year 1-344,93016,13018961,249
Ph.D. Year 4--189189
College of ManagementMaster Year 1-2 and Ph.D. Year 1-342,95010,27018953,409
Ph.D. Year 4--189189
College of Humanities and Social SciencesMaster Year 1-2 and Ph.D. Year 1-342,9509,47018952,609
Ph.D. Year 4--189189

Important note: For students who receive waiver of tuition and miscellaneous fee  (such as YZU Scholarship), they still need to pay the full amount of Group Insurance (NTD 189 *compulsory under law), National Health Insurance Fee (NTD 4,494 *compulsory under law), and Dormitory Fee (if applicable).

Students may be expelled from YZU if they have not paid their current university fees and any outstanding balance due by the Student Fee Payment Deadline.

Estimated Cost of Living/ Semester

AccommodationYZU Dormitory (4 students/room) Undergraduate  9,200Summer and Winter Term Breaks NOT Included
Graduate 12,000Summer and Winter Term Breaks Included
Off-campus Rental 3,000/month~6,000/monthElectricity and Water Fee NOT Included
InsuranceCommercial Insurance3,000 (500/month*6months)Degree Students: First 6 months of stay in Taiwan or until eligible to join National Health Insurance
Short-Term Students: Throughout stay in Taiwan for those who do not have an Insurance from home country
National Health Insurance4,494Only for degree students who are entitled to join
Living Expenses48,744

Meals: 250/day   FarEastTone Postpaid (Calls+ Unlimited 4G Internet): 499/month

All fees are based on NT$ (New Taiwanese Dollar). The Following fees are estimated for one semester. There are two semesters in an academic year. Each semester is 18 weeks (4.5 months). 

 Academic Programs of YZU Taiwan in English

Academic Programs of YZU Taiwan in English

Amazing YZU
Global Affairs Office
Academic Programs

University Curriculum 

This is the most comprehensive site which allows prospective students to browse YZU classes, fast search for a course of your preference, find classes taught in English, sort pre-requisite courses, and many other useful search selection. YZU University Curriculum  Please log-in as Guest and Click English on the upper right corner for English Version. 

 YZU has a total of 47 academic programs. There are 5 colleges, 17 departments, and 25 graduate institutions. English medium International Program for Bachelor is available in every college.

E1:Above 90% Taught in English     E2:75-89% Taught in English     C:Taught in Chinese

Note: E1 and E2 are just an approximation. The actual percentage may vary each academic semester. Each department has its own policy to ensure that international students can graduate with sufficient credits.

YZU Academic Programs
College of EngineeringBachelorMasterPh.D.
Department of Mechanical EngineeringCE2E2
Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science CE2E2
Department of Industrial Engineering and ManagementCE2E2
Graduate School of Biotechnology and Bioengineering E2
International Program in Engineering for Bachelor E1
College of Electrical & Communication EngineeringBachelorMasterPh.D.

Department of Electrical Engineering

(Program A: Electrical Program B: Communications Program C: Photonics)

International Program in Electrical & Communication Engineering for BachelorE1 
College of InformaticsBachelorMasterPh.D.
Department of Computer Science & EngineeringCE2E2
Department of Information ManagementCE2E2

Department of Information Communication


Graduate Program in Biomedical Informatics


International Program in Informatics for Bachelor

College of ManagementBachelorMasterPh.D.
Bachelor of Business Administration ProgramC  
English Bachelor of Business Administration ProgramE1 
Master of Business Administration Program (MBA) C
Global Master of Business Administration Program (GMBA) E1
Master of Science in Finance & Accounting (MS)E2 
Doctor of Philosophy Program E1
College of Humanities and Social SciencesBachelorMasterPh.D.

Department of Foreign Languages & Applied Linguistics

Department of Chinese Linguistics & LiteratureCC
Department of Social & Policy SciencesCC
Department of Art & DesignCC
Doctor of Philosophy in Cultural Industries & CulturalC
English Bachelors of Strategic CommunicationE1

YZU- Top Taiwan University with English Programs

Prospectus for International Students 2020-2021(Flipbook)

Prospectus for International Student 2020-2021 (Download PDF)




Degree Students
Global Affairs Office

The Scholarships showed as below are only for international degree students who are applying for admission in accordance with the Ministry of Education's Regulations for International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan. Please take note of the respective application deadlines for different scholarships and the deadline for YZU degree application.

Please kindly note that YZU only provides assistance and consultation to the application of YZU Scholarship, ICDF Scholarship, Elite Scholarship, and Taipei City ICT Plan . 

List of Scholarships
Offered byName of Scholarship
Yuan Ze UniversityYZU Scholarship
Ministry of Education (MOE), TaiwanMOE Taiwan Scholarship
Ministry of Foreign Affair (MOFA), TaiwanMOFA Taiwan Scholarship
Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), TaiwanMOST Taiwan Scholarship
International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF), TaiwanTaiwanICDF Scholarship
MOE Taiwan- New Southbound PolicyElite Scholarship Program
Northern Stream of Nanyang Talents- Taipei City ICT Southern Diamond Talent Convergence PlanTaipei City ICT Plan

YZU Scholarship

Applicable Degree and Duration: Bachelor 8 semesters (4 years), Master 4 semesters (2 years), Ph.D. 8 semester (4 years)

Grants of Scholarship: 

  • Waiver of (100%; 50%; 20% ) Tuition, miscellaneous fee, and Credit Fee waiver  [abbrevated as Tuition Waiver]
  • Stipend

Brief Description of Conditions for Application: 

New Students: 

  • YZU Scholarship application and degree application are conducted together. No additional application documents or separate application system are required.
  • YZU Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship. Applicants will be assessed by the reviewing committee based on the documents submitted in the YZU online application system.
  • The decision of the committee is final. Questions or negotiations regarding the decisions will not be responded. 

Existing Students:

Global Affairs Office will announce the renewal/application for YZU Scholarship every semester via YZU S-mail. Students who are eligible for renewal/application MUST apply for YZU Scholarship each academic semester. Students who failed to apply by the indicated deadline will lose their scholarship.

Rank in ClassTuition Waiver 
Bachelor Top 20%100%
Top 40%50%
Top 60%20%
MasterTop 50%100%
Top 70%50%
Ph.D.100% Tuition Waiver

* Students must meet all Conditions for Application stated in Yuan Ze University Regulations for Establishment of Scholarship for Foreign Students. The above table is only a brief description for reference.

How to Renew/Apply starting from 2nd semester onwards: Application Form for YZU Scholarship

MOE Taiwan Scholarship

Applicable Degree and Duration: Bachelor 4 years, Master 2 years, Ph.D. 4 years

Grants of Scholarship: 

Bachelor: Tuition waiver up to NTD 40,000 + Monthly stipend NTD 15,000/month

Master and Ph.D.: Tuition waiver up to NTD 40,000 + Monthly stipend NTD 20,000/month

*MOE will pay up to NTD 40,000 each semester for each recipient's approved tuition and miscellaneous expenses. The remaining amount must be paid to the university by the student.

How to ApplyTaiwan Scholarship Program Directions (amended on December 09, 2015)

MOFA Taiwan Scholarship

Applicable Degree and Duration: Bachelor 4 years, Master 2 years, Ph.D. 4 years

Grants of Scholarship: Monthly stipend NTD 30,000/month + Round trip economy class plane tickets

How to Apply: Guidelines for the MOFA Taiwan Scholarship Program

MOST Taiwan Scholarship

Applicable Degree and Duration: Master 2 years, Ph.D. 3 years

Grants of Scholarship: Monthly stipend NTD 30,000/month

How To Apply: 

Guidelines for the MOST Taiwan Scholarship Program

TaiwanICDF Scholarship

Nationality limitation: List of Countries Eligible for TaiwanICDF Scholarship

Degree and Duration: Master 2 years

Grants of Scholarship: Round trip economy class plane tickets+ Housing (YZU dormitory)+ Tuition+ Credit fees+ Insurance+ Textbook costs+ Monthly Allowance NTD 12,000/month

Program available in YZU available for TaiwanICDF Scholarship: International Master's Program in Industrial Engineering and Management

How to Apply:

Scholarship Benefits   Terms of the Program      Program Advisory   

Elite Scholarship Program

Status limitation: Current lecturer from South East Asia pursuing a Master's degree or Ph.D. in Taiwan. 

Degree and Duration: Master 2 years, Ph.D. 3 years

Grants of Scholarship: Monthly stipend NTD 25,000/month

How to Apply: YZU Elite Scholarship Application Form

Northern Stream of Nanyang Talents-Taipei City ICT Southern Diamond Talent Convergence Plan

Nationality limitation: India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippine, and Thailand

College Limitation: Engineering, Informatics, Electrical, and Communication Engineering

Degree and Duration: Master 2 years, Ph.D. 4 years

Grants of Scholarship: Tuition subsidy NTD 40,000 per semester (any remaining part shall be borne by the student), Monthly stipend NTD 3,000/month

Obligation:  Work in an ICT-related company in Taiwan or its oversea office in your country for more than 2 years.

(Taipei Computer Association (TCA) shall provide assistance in employment opportunities, though a successful match is not guaranteed.)

How to Apply: Taipei City ICT Plan

* Opened to master and Ph.D. current students of all years

 Learning Resources

Learning Resources

Campus Life
Global Affairs Office
Learning Resources


▊  Specially Designed Classrooms

At YZU we constantly strive to make sure that all of our facilities are advanced and provide the best learning experience for our students.  YZU has various classrooms designed to suit different needs of courses and new/refurbished study spaces. We recognize that the environment, atmosphere, and equipment for courses differ and it is our top priority to build and maintain a high standard of classroom environment conducive to learning, stimulate creative thinking, and develop team communication skills.  

E-ClassroomTeaching Recording Facility ClassroomDistance ClassroomPBL (Problem-Based Learning) ClassroomCase Study Classroom

YZU Specially Designed Classrooms.jpg

▊  Library

Being awarded the "Architect Magazine Award" and the "Far East Outstanding Architectural Design Award", YZU library is deeply loved by students for its reader-friendly environment designs. It is a well-known attraction on campus and was also a popular shooting spot for many dramas, advertisements, and music videos. The library has more than 300,000 collections and ample learning areas that integrate multimedia audio-visual functions. The library also provides inter-library cooperation services, allowing faculty members and students to enter and borrow books from out-campus operating units and institutes. 

Location of Library: 1F, Building 5

Open HoursMon-Fri08:00-22:00Mid/Final Term Exam open until 23:00
Sat-Sun09:00-17:00 YZU Library Website  

YZU Library.jpg

▊  Student Learning Center

The Student Learning Center is strategically located just next to the residential area. The center combines self-study, seminars, data inquiries, online learning, and other functions that ensure comfortable and high-efficiency learning environment. Teaching assistants (TA) are available during off-class hours, providing one-on-one consultations as a more practical approach to help struggling students. 

Location of Student Learning Center: 2F, Student Activity Center

Food and Drink ProhibitedEntry by Student I.DMagazines not available for borrowing
Open Hours :Mon-Sun08:00-23:00Mid/Final Term Exam open until 24:00

YZU Learning Center.jpg

▊  Mandarin Chinese Corner and TOCFL Preparation Class

International students are welcomed to walk-in and chat with teachers and local students. With different topic for each session, international students gain more information about Taiwan and Chinese culture that is not taught in classes while enhancing Mandarin Chinese listening and speaking skills. YZU also has free Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) preparation class for international students, which can familiarize them with the test's structure, give them tips to score in TOCFL, and strengthen their overall Mandarin Chinese ability.

    ILCC website  

YZU Mandarin Classes.jpg

 Food and Leisure

Food and Leisure

Campus Life
Global Affairs Office
Food & Leisure


▉   Food

Many students and staff choose the convenience of dining in on-campus eateries. No matter where you study, live, work, or play, there is surely a place for you to satisfy your taste buds and appetite. Eateries offer vegetarian options, comfort food, staple food, lunch box, sandwiches, international cuisines and more. The on-campus foods are affordable, healthy, and friendly for big eaters. Taiwanese trendy language defines it as "high CP value". 

YZU Food.jpg

YZU Dining.jpg

▉   Halal and Vegetarian Food

Carthage Mediterranean Cuisine is here to serve exotic halal food at Food Court No.2. The foreign chef makes the kebabs using authentic middle eastern spices that you will surely crave for more.

YZU Halal Food.jpg

▉   Leisure

YZU has a wide range of sports facilities available throughout the week. Our facilities include an Olympic size running track, courts and fields for various ball games, an indoor swimming pool, fitness center, and gym. It is not hard to spot young and energetic students spill sweat of youth and to hear the echo of warm cheers in our vibrant university. 

 Current Students

Current Students

Degree Students
Global Affairs Office
Current Students

Work Permit

All international students who wish to work in Taiwan (either on campus or off campus) are required to apply for and obtain the Work Permit before starting work. Please note that if you hold a job without a valid Work Permit, you may be fined for NT$ 30,000 to NT$ 150,000 and ordered to leave the country immediately.  
Tutorial- Working Permit Application  

Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

Renewal of ARC (Normal Procedure: within 15 days before the expiration date)

Online Application System

Online Application System 

Please choose identity Foreign students and Overseas Chinese students, create an account, and proceed according to the instructions.

  • For Certificate of Enrollment, please apply at R1209 Academic Affairs
  • For Dormitory Housing Certificate, please apply at Student Housing Service Section at 1st Foor of 1st Male Dorm or Apartment Lease

Online Payment

After the online application is reviewed and approved by the NIA, please make your payment for the residence permit within 5 working days, with application content and price listed below:

  1. Price of a one-year residence permit for foreign students: NT$1,000.
  2. Price of a two-year residence permit for foreign students: NT$2,000.
  3. Price of a three-year residence permit for foreign students: NT$3,000.
  4. Price for alteration or re-issuance of residence permit: NT$500.

The system provides multi-payment options such as "international credit card", "ATM online", "virtual account payment", "e-government payment platform", and "payment at the four major convenience stores in Taiwan". Regarding the payment option of "International Credit Card", this platform does not support China UnionPay and American Express, and only JCB, VISA, MasterCard credit cards are used for online payment. After the payment is completed, no refund will be made.

The penalty of late application will be NT$ 2,000-10,000. For those who forgot to renew their ARC, foreign students who overstayed for less than 30 days can re-apply after being paying off the full penalty (NT$ 2,000-10,000) and will be banned from entering Taiwan in the future if overstayed more than 30 days. 

Renewal of ARC (Special Case: 15 days before the expiration date)

If your ARC will expire while you are abroad during winter or summer break, please renew your ARC before you leave Taiwan. Apart from the required documents listed above, you need to bring your round trip E-ticket/Flight Itinerary as supporting document for the National Immigration Agency. The receipt issued by the National Immigration Agency can be used as your re-entry permit to enter Taiwan if you do not receive the ARC card before your departure.

Change of Information

If you have any update of information such as changing of address or passport number, please visit the National Immigration Agency to apply for "information change" with the original and photocopy of the document that has the information that needed to be changed within 15 days to avoid penalty. No fee will be charged if the application of information change is applied within 15 days. The penalty of late application will be NT$ 2,000-10,000.     

Lost of ARC

Lost ARC in Taiwan: Report immediately to your nearest police station. You will be issued a "Statement of Lost ARC" from the police station. Take the statement to the nearest National Immigration Agency to apply for a replaced ARC card. The fee is NT$ 500.

Lost of ARC abroad: If you are from countries that are eligible for the visa exemption program, you can enter Taiwan by Visa on Landing. If you need a visa to enter Taiwan, please apply for a resident visa abroad to enter Taiwan. After you enter Taiwan, please follow the instruction as "Lost in ARC in Taiwan. 


  1. Overstay within 30 days (30th day excluded) but still enrolled: pay the fine and the application fee for the ARC extension
  2. Overstay more than 30 days (30th day included) and still enrolled: pay the fine and leave the country in 7 days to apply for a new visa to re-enter Taiwan

Overstay fine:

  • 1-10 days: NTD$2,000
  • 11-30 days: NTD$4,000
  • 31-60 days: NTD$6,000
  • 61-90 days: NTD$8,000
  • over 91days: NTD$10,000

More FAQ regarding ARC 

Location of National Immigration Agency (Taoyuan Service Center): 

 Ministry of the Interior-National Immigration Agency  

National Health Insurance (NHI) 

NHI Insurance Program is a compulsory social insurance program. It is founded on the concept of mutual assistance and depends on the insured paying their premium. By law, every Taiwanese citizen with official residency or foreign national living in Taiwan with an ARC MUST enroll in the program. No one may arbitrarily withdraw, except for those who lose their insurance eligibility such as people who give up their Taiwan citizenship, move abroad, or let their ARC expire.

[IMPORTANT!!!] Upon receiving your ARC,  you will automatically join NHI program after you stayed continuously in Taiwan for 6 months or with one trip abroad not exceeding 30 days when the actual residency period of 6 months is reached after the days abroad have been deducted. 

The premium of NHI will be included in your Tuition Fee Payment Slip every semester when you are eligible to join the NHI program. The premium is NT$ 749 per month, hence the payment per semester is NT$ 4,494 (Fall Semester September-February; Spring Semester March-August). Before joining the NHI program, GAO will help all newly arrived students to join a commercial insurance program with a cost of NT$ 500 per month. GAO will inform you to pick-up your NHI card by YZU student mail once we receive it. 

*Scholarship recipient (such as YZU scholarship) with tuition waiver must pay the NHI fee each semester to the cashier because tuition waiver does not include NHI fee.  

If you lost/damaged your NHI IC card, please submit the documents below to GAO and we will help you to apply for a replacement card.

  1. Photo *2
  2. ARC Photocopy
  3. Application fee NT$ 200

 National Health Insurance Administration-Ministry of Health and Welfare   

University Regulations

Requesting LeavesHow to apply for leave on YZU PortalPDF
Student ID CardHow to apply for a replacement Student ID Card on YZU PortalPDF
Bank AccountHow to register bank account on YZU PortalPDF
 Accommodation Regulations

Dormitory Rules and Regulations

Regulations on Student Dormitory Temporary Access CardPDF
Kitchen Use SOPPDF
The procedure of Dormitory Discontinuity/ Give up Bed CapacityPDF
Academic RegulationsStudy RegulationsPDF
Regulations for Change of Major (Department, College, Program)PDF
Regulations for Students Taking MinorPDF
Regulations for Students Taking Double MajorPDF
Regulations for Student Conduct in ExaminationsPDF
Regulations for Student's Application of Enrollment Status Retention or SuspensionPDF
Regulations for Credit ExemptionPDF
Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan PDF
Regulations for Master and Doctoral Degree Qualifying ExaminationPDF
Regulations on the Inter-University Course Select ProgramPDF
Regulations for Direct Admission into Doctoral ProgramPDF
Regulations for Study and Studentship Management of Students Going Abroad or to Mainland ChinaPDF
Regulations for Advanced Graduation on Academic ExcellencePDF
Regulations Regarding Students Taking The Passed CoursePDF
Regulations for YZU Group Tutorial Support ProgramPDF
Regulations for the Five-year Integrated Undergraduate and Graduate ProgramPDF
Regulations for Examinees to File an AppealPDF
Regulations for Students Suffering Difficulty in Their Schooling As A Result of A DisasterPDF
 New Degree Students

New Degree Students

Degree Students
Global Affairs Office
New Degree Students


▊ Before Arrival

Pre-Arrival Checklist

▊ Degree Verification

All foreign diploma and transcripts must be authenticated by your local or nearest R.O.C (Taiwan) embassy, consulate or representative office. If the transcripts and diplomas are neither in Mandarine Chinese nor English, please verify the original documents and the translation of the documents before you arrive in Taiwan.

R.O.C (Taiwan) Embassies & Missions: List

▊ Course Selection

The online course selection consists of three stages: Stage 1-3 of Online Course Selection and an Off-line Course Sign-Up/Drop application. Please refer to  Course Selection Notification for more information and important dates concerning course selection. 

▊ Resident Visa and Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

Resident Visa

[Recommended] Resident Visa→ ARC (within 15 days after entering Taiwan) 

[NOT Recommended] Visitor Visa (Visa upon arrival)→ Resident Visa→  ARC (within 15 days after entering Taiwan) 

All new students (including Visa-free countries) MUST apply for a Resident Visa before entering Taiwan. If you failed to do so, you would still need to change the Visitor Visa into Resident Visa before applying for ARC. 

Alien Resident Visa

ARC serves as your ID card in Taiwan. GAO will assist in applying for the ARC card during your first semester.

Documents to be handed in on Orientation Day to apply for ARC:

  1. Passport Original & Photocopy of 1) Information 2) Taiwan R.O.C Immigration Entry Stamp 3)Resident Visa
  2. One 2.5 to 4.5 cm color photo Guidelines
  3. Application Fee: NT$ 1,000

Students are responsible to renew the ARC card every year. Please read Degree Students→Current Degree Students→Renewal of Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

▊ Health Exam

New coming students are required to complete the YZU new student health checkup (compulsory for all new students) and Form B Medical Checkup required for ARC application.

▊ Coming Semester New Student Facebook Group

Join 2019 YZU Fall Semester Students FB Group to get to know your fellow friends and interact with GSA members. 

▊ Insurance

According to the National Health Insurance (NHI) Act, all foreigners staying in Taiwan for more than six months and meet criteria must join the NHI program. To ensure all international students are covered by a medical insurance before joining National Health Insurance (NHI), GAO will help all international students to buy commercial medical insurance (Cathay Life Insurance Group Students Health Insurance) for the first six months.

Cathay Life Insurance Group Students Health Insurance

Coverage DetailsDownload
Claim Application (Only in Mandarin)Download


▊ Bank Account

It is advisable for students to open a Far Eastern International Bank account as your scholarship will be directly wired into your FEIB account. FEIB Service Schedule on campus. Required documents are original and copy of both your passport and ARC and at least NT$ 1,000 for a deposit. It is strongly recommended that you apply for an ATM bank card, so you can use it to withdraw money from any ATMs near you.

Note: If you are under 20 years old, you need to submit original Letter of Consent notarized by Taiwan's embassies (or representative offices) from parents/guardian and photocopies of their valid photo IDs (passport) to open a bank account.

[IMPORTANT !!!] Upon getting your FEIB bank account, please log-in your YZU portal and follow the steps in the tutorial to key-in your bank account. Tutorial

If you lost your FEIB ATM Card, please follow the steps below.

  1.  Please report to FEIB at once. Tel: 0800-231-788.
  2. Apply for a new bank card at any FEIB branches or on-campus FEIB Service Schedule on campus. Please bring along your original Passport and ARC card with you.



YZU Introduction
Global Affairs Office

Q1.I would like to apply for a degree program at Yuan Ze University. How can I apply for it?
A We only accept online application ( Please visit our website to verify the eligibility and the required documents. Please make sure that you have read through the instructions carefully before using the Online Application System. If you encounter any problem, please email us:
Q2.I have submitted online application forms and documents. How do I know I have finished the application procedure?
A After filling out the application form and uploading the required documents, please click the "submit" button once your application is complete. The system will then send you a message to confirm your application. Applicants with incomplete documents or who have not followed the procedure will be notified through e-mail.
Q3.I cannot apply online and upload the documents successfully. Can I email my documents to you?
A If you face any difficulties or problems while using the online application system, please write us an email ( and we will be glad to help you out.
Q4.There is no Taiwan representative office in my country. Where do I authenticate my documents?
A Please visit the website ( ... 2&BaseDSD=18&mp=2) for information about Taiwan Embassies. Call the Taiwan embassy in your nearby country to check whether it is the one handling authentication for your country.
Q5.I am applying for a Taiwan Scholarship. Is it possible to apply for a YZU scholarship at the same time? May I receive YZU admission earlier to have a better chance of receiving a Taiwan Scholarship?
A You may apply for YZU scholarship at the same time. If you receive both a Taiwan Scholarship and a YZU scholarship, your YZU scholarship will be canceled due to our guideline stated that YZU recipients cannot receive other scholarships. There are 3 evaluating procedures for international applicants at YZU. Once the results are finalized, we will process TW scholarship applicants' admissions as soon as possible.
Q6.If I am admitted, may I change the department/institute/program before the start of the semester?
A No. You have to study at the department/institute/program listed in your admission notification. You may apply to change your department after finishing the first or the second semester. However, it is not guaranteed that the application for changing program will be approved.
Q7.I am studying at another university in Taiwan. May I "transfer" to YZU?
A No. You may only apply. After admission, bring your transcript to the department for the credit deduction at the beginning of the first semester. It is not guaranteed that all your credits will be admitted.
Q8.What should I do if I am admitted but cannot report in the Fall/Spring semester?
A You may fill in the "Application for YZU Admission Deferral" indicating that you wish to postpone your admission till Spring semester or Fall semester next year. YZU permits you to defer one year at most.
 Graduating Student

Graduating Student

Degree Student
Global Affairs Office
Graduating Student

Q1.What should I click on YZU portal to process on leaving school procedure? 
APlease follow the tutorial download
Q2.How long can I stay in Taiwan after I graduated? 

Basically, YZU will report the graduation notice to the immigration after issuing you your diploma. Hence, you MUST go the immigration to extend your ARC and change a reason for staying in Taiwan. You may use "Seeking for a Job" as the reason. The maximum extension period under "Seeking for a Job" is 1 year.

Note: Each application for an extension under "Seeking for a Job" is only for 6 months. Before the end of your first 6 months, you need to apply for another six months extension. Thus, the total extension period is 1 year.

All graduates must check-out from the dormitory and find a place to live by yourself. YZU Housing Service Section will NOT issue you a housing certificate.

After you received your diploma, you should go to immigration and arrange for the extension of your ARC within 15 days.

Required Documents:

  1. Application Form Download
  2. One 3.5 cm x 4.5 color photo Guidelines
  3. Passport (Original & Photocopy)
  4. ARC (Original & Photocopy)
  5. Certificate of Graduation/ Diploma (Original & Photocopy)
  6. Lease contract (Original & Photocopy) If you do not know which page to photocopy, please kindly ask the volunteer at the immigration for help.
  7. Fee: NT$ 1,000

  1.  If you would like to stay in Taiwan after your graduation, no matter if you are planning to look for a job or to travel, you are advised to first apply for ARC extension at the Immigration Office. This is especially important if you want to go back to your country for a period to rest after you received your diploma and return to Taiwan to find a job. 
  2.  If you received your diploma and are planning to leave Taiwan for good within 15 days, you do NOT need to extend your ARC. For those who wish to return to your country after 15 days, it is recommended to call the immigration to report and confirm whether your ARC should be extended.
  3. If you failed to get a work permit within the 1 year "Seeking for a Job" period, you can not extend your ARC under this reason again and should leave Taiwan. 
  4. If you successfully found a job, your employer will assist you to get a work permit, and after getting the work permit, you should apply at the immigration and change your ARC reason as " Work".
  5. If you get admitted to another university in Taiwan, you should apply at the immigration and change your ARC reason as "Study" with your new admission notice.
  6. If you got married to a Taiwanese, you should apply at the immigration and change your ARC reason as "Dependent"
Q3.Am I allowed to work during the ARC "Seeking a Job" extension period?

You are NOT ALLOWED TO WORK within this period. This is because you DO NOT HAVE a work permit during the ARC "Seeking a Job" extension period. On the day you received your diploma, your work permit for a student automatically expire. Thus, you are not allowed to work until you get a full-time work permit. 

According to the Ministry of Labor, any foreign student found to work without a valid work permit will be fined between NT$ 30,000 to NT$ 150,000. In addition to that, those who did not comply with this will be restricted from working in Tawan for 3 years.

Q4.How do I deal with the update of information of my ARC such as changing of address after I moved out from YZU dormitory? Can I live in my friend's rented room?

 You need to prepare the original and photocopy lease contract to immigration to update the information within 15 days after you moved out from dormitory. If your name is not written in the lease contract (i.e. you live with your friend), you need to ask your friend (the original tenant of the residential) to write a consent, stating that both of you are living together. The consent needs to be signed by you and your friend.

Q5.How do I deal with my National Health Insurance (NHI) after graduation?

 YZU will only help and ensure your NHI coverage until the end of August. This means that you will not have NHI from September until you start working full-time. To continue your NHI coverage within the "Seeking of a Job" period, please pay the monthly premium of NT$ 749 at your nearest NHI agency or district office. 

If you did not pay the monthly premium by your own during the "Seeking of a Job" period, once you found a job and the company starts to pay its share, the NHI agency will find out that you owed money and issue a recovery order, so you still need to make up for the payment. You need to pay the full fee if you go to NHI contracted hospitals/clinics during the uninsured period. To apply for a refund, you should take the receipt back to the original hospital/ clinic after you cleared the standing fee and start paying your monthly premium.

Q6.What are the ways to apply for the work permit?

You can apply by either "Wages and Work Experience" or by "New Scoring Criteria for Foreign and Overseas Chinese Students to Work in Taiwan". 

"Wages and Work Experience" is for foreign professionals who may or may not graduate from Taiwan higher institution. To qualify as a foreign professional, you need to have more than two years of full0time working experience or a master's degree and your employer must agree to give you an average monthly salary of NT$ 47,971. Regulations

"New Scoring Criteria for Foreign and Overseas Chinese Students to Work in Taiwan" evaluation system begun on July 1, 2014. This evaluation system is especially for foreign student or Oversea Chinese student who graduated from Taiwan national or private universities with at least a bachelor degree. Graduates who scored at least 70 points under the new scoring criteria may apply for a work permit. Another key factor is that companies also need to meet criteria to hire foreigners.  Regulations

Q7.Do I have to receive my diploma to apply for a work permit?

 Make sure to apply for a work permit only after you receive your diploma (or a statement from Academic Affairs stating that you will graduate in that semester). If you found a job during your degree extension period, you still need to complete your credit hours, get your diploma and then only apply for a work permit.

Q8.Can I apply for a work permit by myself or must it be my employer?

 No, you can not apply for a work permit by yourself. It has to you your employer. So, even if you met the 70 point requirement, you are not allowed to apply for a work permit and then apply for a job. The application of work permit needs to be forwarded to the Ministry of Labor under the name of the company you will work at. However, the company may prepare the required documents and ask you to submit them on your own.