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Posted by:gao-in on 2020-02-10

A letter from Chief Global Officer (CGO)

Dear students,

Greetings from Yuan Ze University.
This is Ching-Pu Chen, Chief Global Officer(CGO).

The WHO has declared the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-NCoV) as a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern.” As a member of global village, Taiwan is caught in the turmoil. However, all confirmed cases in Taiwan are contained and are improving after attentive treatment by medical staffs. So far there has no community infection.

YZU President and the Global Affairs Office along with all other departments are deeply committed to the health and safety of students. We have taken proactive steps following all guidelines and recommendations from national public health experts to safeguard students.

In order to ensure a safer campus, YZU is delaying the start of the spring semester to March 2nd. Please see the revised schedule in the Table below. Further details on registration process will be sent by email shortly.

Even Taiwan’s health care system is measured against the world’s best, and everyone is mobilized to prepare for control measures. However, if you still have concerns and want to suspend the 2020 Spring semester, we understand your concerns and will provide special arrangement for you. Further details on the arrangement issue will be announced shortly through the University website and FB, and send by email.

To contain the virus, there might be more restrictions and compliances, let’s win this fight together. Practicing good personal hygiene is the best defense against most viruses. It is utmost important for students to wash your hand with soap regularly. Students who are sick or not feeling well must also wear a face mask to prevent the spread of germ/virus to others. Protecting others is also protecting oneself. However, as demand for face masks is outstripping supply, it is highly suggested that you can bring sufficient number of face masks when you come to Taiwan.

Please join our FB Line groups and Instagram to get update information regarding this matter.

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Finally, empathy is one of the fundamental principles underpinning our educational philosophy. The 2019-NCoV is novel, but by working together, we can win the battle. We should all do our best to be cautious and take protective measures on personal hygiene, but as a decent human being, we shall be compassion to people with illness, and not discriminate people traveling from China, who don’t want to be afflicted by the coronavirus as we are. The more emergency arise, the more need for calm, humanity, and unity. Together, we not only will prevail, but make our world a better place to live.

The well-being of our students are always among our priority.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Ching-Pu Chen

CGO, Yuan Ze University
February 6, 2020

YZU 2020 Spring Semester Revised Schedule

2020.02.24(MON)- 03.09(MON)Add/drop courses online (2020 Spring semester phase III)
2020.02.26(WED) Pick-up service for new students
Dorm move-in day for new students
2020.02.29(SAT)-03.01(SUN)Dorm move-in day

2020 Spring semester begins

2020 Fall semester entrance examination for master's program (2nd)

2020.04.27(MON)-05.02(SAT)Midterm examination week
2020.05.28(THU)Online course selection (2020 Fall semester phase I)
2020.06.08(MON)-06.12(FRI)Final examination week for graduating classes
2020.06.13(SAT) Graduation ceremony
2020.06.22(MON)-07.03(FRI)Final examination weeks

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