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Global Affairs Office

工程學院College of EngineeringBachelorMasterPh. D.
機械工程學系 Department of Mechanical Engineering
化學工程與材料科學學系Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
工業工程與管理學系 Department of Industrial Engineering and Management
生物科技與工程研究所Graduate School of Biotechnology and Bioengineering
工程學院英語學士學位學程International Program in Engineering for Bachelor
資訊學院College of InformaticsBachelorMasterPh. D.
資訊工程學系Department of Computer Science and Engineering
資訊管理學系Department of Information Management
資訊傳播學系 Department of Information Communication
生物與醫學資訊碩士學位學程Graduate Program in Biomedical Informatics
資訊學院英語學士學位學程 International Program in Informatics for Bachelor
管理學院College of ManagementBachelorMasterPh. D.
管理學院學士英語專班English Bachelor of Business Administration Program, College of Management
管理學院學士班Bachelor of Business Administration Program, College of Management
管理學院學士班(主修:會計)Bachelor of Business Administration (Chinese) Program: Accounting
管理學院學士班(主修:企業管理)Bachelor of Business Administration (Chinese) Program: Business Administration
管理學院學士班(主修:財務金融)Bachelor of Business Administration (Chinese) Program: Finance
管理學院學士班(主修:國際企業)Bachelor of Business Administration (Chinese) Program: International Business
管理學院碩士班(主修:國際企業)MBA Program in International Business
管理學院碩士班(主修:領導暨人力資源)MBA Program in Leadership&Human Resourse
管理學院碩士班(主修:企業管理)MBA Program in Business Management
管理學院碩士班(主修:行銷學程)MBA Program in Services Marketing
管理學院碩士班(主修:財務金融)MS Program in Finance
管理學院碩士班(主修:會計)MS Program in Accounting
管理學院財務金融暨會計 碩士班Master of Science in Finance and Accounting, College of Management
管理學院管理碩士在職專班Executive Master of Business Administration Program, College of Management
管理學院博士班Doctor of Philosophy Program, College of Management
人文社會學院College of Humanities and Social SciencesBachelorMasterPh. D.
應用外語學系Department of Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics
中國語文學系Department of Chinese Linguistics and Literature
社會暨政策科學學系Department of Social and Policy Sciences
藝術與設計學系Department of Art and Design
藝術管理 碩士班Master Program in Art Management, Department of Art and Design
文化產業與文化政策博士 學位學程Doctor of Philosophy in Cultural Industries and Cultural Policy
人文社會學院英語學士學 位學程International Program in  Humanities and Social Sciences for Bachelor
電機通訊學院College of Electrical and Communication EngineeringBachelorMasterPh. D.
電機工程學系 (甲組 電機)Department of Electrical Engineering (Group A Electrical)
電機工程學系 (乙組 通訊)Department of Electrical Engineering (Group B Communication)
電機工程學系 (丙組 光電 )Department of Electrical Engineering (Group C Photonics)
電機通訊學院英語學士學位學程International Program in Electrical and Communication Engineering for Bachelor


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