Latest News:Dragon Boat Festival celebration by GAO

Posted by:gao-hq on 2022-05-16

Dragon Boat Festival (端午節) is on June 3rd. Global Affairs Office prepared a total of 100 authentic Taiwanese rice dumplings for international students on June 01 (Wed) in Room 70207, 11:00 am until finished. We prepared Northern style 30 pcs, Northern style 30 pcs, and Vegetarian style 40pcs. (Important! Northern and Southern styles contain PORK)
Each international student can pick up the rice dumpling for up to two of his or her friends (please show a photo of the friend's student ID as proof).

Rice dumplings (zòngzi, ròuzòng, or bah-chàng) are almost synonymous with the Dragon Boat Festival (or the Duan Wu/Double Fifth Festival.) Zongzi is an iconic staple eaten during this annual celebration, which requires a time-consuming process to make, but results in a delicious, sweet or savory, sticky wholesome dish.
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