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Posted by:gao-hq on 2021-06-01

List of YZU Dual Degree Programs

NoCont.CountryUniversityUniversity WebsiteApplicable forNote
1OceaniaAustraliaThe University of West Sydney Management3.5+1.5 or 1.5+1
2The University of Queensland Management
3North America


The University of Minnesota, Depr of Work and Human Resource Education Management
4University of Michigan- Dearborn Management
5Pacific Lutheran University Management
  • 1+1 Masters
  • 4+1 Bachelors & Masters

6University of Rhode Island
  • Dept. I.E.M
  • Dept. M.I.S
4+1 Bachelors & Masters

NetherlandsTiasnimbas Business School Management
8FranceESC Rennes School of Business Management

University of Applied Sciences Augsburg - University of Applied Sciences Management
10Pforzheim University Management
11University of Applied Sciences Augsburg - University of Applied Sciences Management
12United KingdomNottingham Trent University Management3+1Bachelors & Masters

South KoreaChungnam National University Management
14ThailandMahidol University Management


Han Chiang University College of Communication Management (3+2 Bachelors & Masters)
16Southern University College
17UCSI University C.H.E
18VietnamUniversity of Engineering and Technology, VNU Hanoi (UET, VNU Hanoi)
  • Col. Engineering
  • Col. E&C.E
  • Col. Informatics
19Dong Thap University
20IndonesiaUniversitas international batam
21Universitas Brawijaya ManagementPh.D.
22Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta Engineering
  • 1+1 Masters
  • 3.5+0.5+1 Bachelors & Masters
23Telkom University E&C.E

24BangladeshJashore University of Science and Technology

25Daffodil Polytechnic Institute


YZU has signed a Memorandum on International Dual Degrees with several partner universities to acknowledge academic credits from one another. Upon fulfilling the graduation requirements of YZU and a partner university regarding a period of study and credit, students participating in this program will be able to obtain academic degrees from both universities. This program benefits students with cultural exchanges in language, academics, and culture alongside the international competitiveness brought out by the local and global degrees.


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