Latest News:Ongoing distance learning from May 31 (Monday) until the end of the semester

Posted by:gao-hq on 2021-05-20

As the pandemic situation remains severe, the implementation of online teaching will be continuing from May 31 (Monday) to the end of this semester.

  1. All teaching units are requested to supervise the online teaching arrangement and provide necessary assistance to ensure successful implementation of the exercise.

(a) Period: 31/5/2021 (Monday) until the end of the semester

(b) Course: All university’s curriculum and teaching activities

(c) Method: Students shall not attend school and follow classes via distance learning mode

Considering both the pandemic prevention measures and the quality of learning, specific courses that cannot be taught remotely such as courses using special software, experimental courses, or design courses, etc, are recommended to have an appropriate adjustment on course content and delivery methods. Instructors shall conduct lessons according to the scheduled teaching progress, either via MS Team real-time demonstration or record the operation of relevant equipment into a teaching video for students to watch and practice repeatedly. Instructors also can communicate with students via live broadcast and request assignment submission for each learning unit. If the above-mentioned courses still need to be conducted at school, instructors and students have to arrange the equipment usage timing and make sure the number of people on site should not exceed 4 people for each period (subject to rolling revision announcement on the upper limit of the number of indoor gatherings from Taiwan Central Epidemic Command Center). It is necessary to maintain proper social distancing for students during the classes. Instructors are requested to use digital methods as much as possible, to communicate with students in mutually acceptable ways, and make announcements on relevant platforms.

For sports courses, like certifications on cardiopulmonary fitness and swimming ability, its associated procedures will be announced by the Physical Education Office.

3.Adjustment on the teaching methods will be considered by the respective course instructor, with the following suggestions:

  • Synchronous remote (for example, Microsoft Teams)

Instructor will conduct real-time remote lectures and students can ask questions or engage in interactive discussions by voice and text.

※You can find the resources for Microsoft Teams platform at our school website's pandemic prevention section. For related inquiries and assistance, please refer to the technical staff of the respective department or personnel from the section of network and media.

  • Asynchronous remote

Recorded audio and video files on PPT, Words or other selected materials will be uploaded for students learning purposes. Note: The teaching service group has a free software of OBS Studio, which can assist in recording computer screens and sounds.

※You can refer to the following link to access the descriptive video about OBS Studio: ... aqB5tQA7/view?usp=sharing

4. Instructor must inform the students of the adjusted method of attending the class. Instructor shall ensure good quality of teaching, properly monitor student participation or online attendance, interact and respond to students’ questions in a timely manner, also remind the students to take online courses in their residences and reduce access to public places.

5. Instructor should properly handle student performance evaluation matters. The customized performance evaluation methods or standards shall be explained in detail to students, clearly announced on relevant platforms, and keep relevant records for assessment basis. 

6. For the final examination, flexible methods of online assessment will be adopted. At the instructor's discretion, it can be an online exam or other alternative performance assessment method or a change of the score ratio setting. Instructors shall pay attention, especially to the graduating classes, so as not to affect students' graduation qualifications.

7. Depending on the future pandemic situation, teachers and students are requested to stay alert for any updated announcement on matters related to academic affairs.