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Posted by:gao-hq on 2021-05-12

The YZU Chinese Summer Camp is for non-Chinese speaking international students who want to learn the Chinese language. 

These 15-day courses are taught at Yuan Ze University by professionals in the field of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language in a digital classroom equipped with Education Interactive Display and tablets for every student to use in class.

The camp aims to teach you basic Chinese language skills in the key areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing, through task-based activities, placing an emphasis on improving communicative abilities. You will be able to go shopping, bargain for a better price, ask for directions on the road, and explore beautiful Taiwan all on your own!!! Isn't this AWESOME

Date and Time

2021.08.16-09.03 (15 days), Total 45 hours of class and 180min of oral training

Monday through Friday, 9:00-12:00


  • Beginner/ Basic level learner
  • aged 18 years or above

Course Structure

Classes are taught in small groups with an average of 6 students per class (maximum 10 students per class).

Teaching takes place from Monday to Friday, with 3 hours of morning classes and one-on-one oral training.

Each student will be given a tablet with a specialized pen to use in class, improving the interactive learning experience and learning to write Chinese characters in a fun way.


NT$ 9,000/person

  • Early bird (apply before June 4): NT$ 8,500/person
  • Group (≥3 people): NT$ 8,500/person
  • Early bird + Group: NT$ 7,500/person
  • Free textbook for YZU students (A Course in Contemporary Chinese, market price NT$ 1,000) 

Application Procedure

  1. Apply online →here← Deadline: June 18
  2. Receive Payment Instruction via Email
  3. Pay 30% of the tuition as a deposit (bank account will be stated in the Payment Instruction"
  4. Receive Letter of Successful Registration
  5. Show up in class and pay the remaining tuition



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