Latest News:Special Entry Procedure for Covid-19

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Step 1: Apply for your VISA

Submit your VISA application to the Taiwan embassy or representative offices. Please Email us when you receive your VISA.

ROC Embassies and Missions Abroad

Step 2: Book a Quarantine Hotel or Quarantine Camp 

Choice A: Book a Quarantine Hotel (Recommended)

Book a quarantine hotel in Taoyuan City for 17 days or 21 days *1.

Most of the quarantine hotel in Taoyuan is not made public, please call +886-3-333-5107 to book a room.  Website←

You may also refer →here← for some made public quarantine hotels in Taoyuan and directly book them online.

After the 17 days of quarantine (14 days of mandatory + 3 days of waiting for the COVID-19 test result), you may continue to stay at the same quarantine hotel (which means you book for 21 days) or choose to stay at another regular hotel*2 or find an individual room that you can stay*3, such as the house of your friend or relative for the additional 4-days of Self Health Management. 

GAO will arrange a COVID-19 RT-PCR test on Day 15 at the hospital after you complete the 14-day quarantine requirement. Hospitals will need 1~2 days to get the test result.  Therefore, you should reserve a stay for 17 days at quarantine hotels until the COVID-19 test result is available.

Choice B: Book a Group Quarantine Facility

Contact us to book a Group Quarantine Facility.  The government will assign you a hotel room. You can only stay in the Group Quarantine Facility for 14 days. You can book a regular hotel*2 or find an individual room that you can stay*3, such as the house of your friend or relative for the additional 7-days of Self Health Management.

Students staying in Group Quarantine Facility must take a COVID-19 RT-PCR test on Day 13 of the quarantine period. Government quarantine centers will assist to arrange hospital staff to take the test at the quarantine centers. If the test result is negative, students can leave the quarantine centers when completing the 14-day quarantine requirement.

Because you can not choose which city and hotel, hence if there is a short of room in Northern Taiwan (YZU is located in Northern Taiwan, Taoyuan City Zhongli District to be precise), you might be arranged to Central or Southern Taiwan. If so, you will need to travel a long distance after landing in Taiwan and the fee for a quarantine taxi will certainly be higher.

The fee for 14 days stay in Group Quarantine Facility is NT$ 21,000 including 3 meals per day. The fee is paid to us by cash (Taiwanese currency only) on the day of arrival to Taiwan.

*1 Quarantine & Self Health Management Span

Quarantine HotelCovid-19 TestSelf Health Management
Group Quarantine Facility


Self Health Management

*2 Feel free to contact us if you need assistant in booking a hotel nearby YZU.

*3 Please provide us the Name of the Hotel (or Contact Person), Address, and Contact Number of the place you will stay. 

Step 3: Book a Flight Ticket

Please do not book a flight ticket if your quarantine location is not yet confirmed. The flight date must be at least 7 working days afterward to allow time for Entry Permit Application processing. 

Step 4: Apply for an "Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate"

Please Email← us the following information

  • Your Visa
  • Your flight information (scheduled flight number, departure date and place, arrival date, and terminal)
  • Your quarantine location (booking information of the quarantine hotel or group quarantine facility). 
  • Allocate at least 7 working days for Entry Permit processing. (1 day for YZU to send out your application and 6 working days for our government to review your application)

We will send the Certificate to you via email when we receive it. Please print them out and take them with you on the flight. You must have the Entry Permit Certificate to enter Taiwan. Failure to present the Certificate will result in being sent back to your country.



  1. Valid passport with a Visa for entry into Taiwan
  2. Negative COVID-19 test report issued 3 days prior to your flight
  3. Overseas Student Entry Approval Permit Certificate (Hardcopy)
  4. YZU Official Letter (Hardcopy)


  1. At least 21 face masks
  2. 1 thermometer (no mercury thermometers allowed
  3. Exchange your home currency for approximately NT$ 5,000 cash for buying Taiwan Sim-card and pay for the Taiwan quarantine taxi fee. For those who booked a Group Quarantine Facility, please prepare another NT$ 21,000 for the fee.
  4. Download and register LINE app.← You will need this app to contact us and complete the quarantine daily report. 


  1. Notify GAO staff by LINE (LINE invitation will be emailed with your entry permit) when you are about to board the flight
  2. Notify GAO staff when you landed in Taiwan but not yet leave the customs
  3. Buy a Taiwan prepaid SIM card with unlimited internet access for 30 days (NT$ 1,000) before the border control. The Taiwan Telecom stands looks like the picture below. You will need a Taiwan mobile number to complete the "Quarantine System for Entry".



  1. Click here←
  2. Fill out each field and ensure all information provided is correct
  3. For "Home Quarantine Address", please fill in the correct quarantine hotel address. For those who choose to live in Group Quarantine Facility, please select 

    "Project stay at the designated government quarantine facility.
    (Please select the option if you are a foreign worker or an applicant of a special entry permit who is required to undergo group quarantine at a quarantine facility.)"

  4. For "How to travel back home from the airport", please select " Designated transport vehicle (airport taxi/rental car)".
  5. You should take a screenshot on the finishing page (like follows), you will be asked to show this many times before you leave the airport. 
  6. Some flights will ask you to complete the system before boarding; if so, please complete this survey with the cellphone number you currently use. And you will resubmit the system again with your new phone number when you have one.

quarantine screenshot 1.jpg quarantine screenshot 2.jpg


  1. After customs, please go to the Overseas Student Reception Counter in the arrival hall. GAO staff will be present to pick you up. DO NOT go straight to take a quarantine taxi. DO NOT leave the airport on your own.
  2. Your ID and your quarantine location will be double-checked. If you are going to stay at a Group Quarantine Facility, please pay the NT$ 21,000 fee to the GAO staff. 
  3. GAO staff will take you to the quarantine taxi.
  4. If you choose to stay at a Quarantine Hotel, a GAO staff will meet you at the quarantine hotel. If you choose to stay at a Group Quarantine Facility, no staff will be present there to meet with you.

oversea reception.jpg


  1.  Wash your hand thoroughly with soap and sanitize the doorknob with alcohol provided in your room.
  2.  Please make sure you do NOT leave the room during the quarantine period. Your meals will be delivered to your door. Please leave your rubbish in bags and spray with alcohol before leaving it outside your door.
  3. Any deliveries in your name will be delivered by the hotel staff to your door. When ordering anything please be sure to specify that it be sent to the reception of your hotel.
  4.  Please measure your temperature twice a day, report it back on LINE →"Disease Containment Expert"←. Please do so before 12 pm every day for the entire 15 days quarantine period.
  5. If you have a body temperature of 38 °C (and or above) or any respiratory infections, please notify us.
  6. Government officers will get in contact with you. Should any breach of quarantine rules and regulations be found you will be subject to the applicable fines and penalties.



Detail and online application here←


Besides the Government Compensation, you can also apply YZU Subsidy for approximately NT$ 4,000* after you completed the quarantine and Self Health Management and obtain a Taiwan bank account. 

*Subjected to change according to YZU funding budget

There will also be a discount on the dormitory fee since you didn’t check in on the first day.
( you can apply for the subsidy from school no matter you will live in the campus dorm or not)

Coronavirus disease 2019(COVID-19) Self-Health Management Notice